Copyright: 1989
Pages: 471
ISBN: 9780890063347

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Here is the first comprehensive reference devoted exclusively to the technology and applications of cavity-type antennas. Packed with extensive performance data and supported by more than 150 detailed illustrations, 286 figures, and 50 tables, this breakthrough text offers a much-needed presentation on experimental and theoretical work and describes practical applications of cavity-backed antennas. You'll cut your design time by more than 40%. Microwave Cavity Antennas helps you realize the applications potential of cavity antennas in the areas of satellite communications, data links, telemetry, space-based and shipboard point-to-point communication, microwave (point-to-point communication), and satellite-based remote sensing.
Table Of Contents
Preface.Introduction. Cavity-Backed Antennas. Translucent-Aperture Cavity Antennas. Cavity-Backed, Crossed-Dipole-Fed, Helical, and Spiral Antennas. Short-Backfire Antennas. Long-Backfire Antennas. Author Index. Subject Index.


  • Hristo D. Hristov
  • Akhileswar Kumar