By (author): Guojun Lu

Copyright: 1999
Pages: 400
ISBN: 9780890063422

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Traditional database management systems can't handle the demands of managing multimedia data. With the rapid growth of multimedia platforms and the world wide web, database management systems must now process, store, index, and retrieve alphanumeric data, bitmapped and vector-based graphics, and video and audio clips both compressed and uncompressed. The comprehensive, systematic approach of Multimedia Database Management Systems presents you with current and emerging methods for managing the increasing demands of multimedia databases and their inherent design and architecture issues. With this comprehensive resource, you learn how to create an effective multimedia database by integrating the various information indexing and retrieval methods currently available. Also, you learn to measure multimedia database performance that is based on similarity to queries and routinely affected by human judgment. This book concludes with a discussion of networking and operating system support for multimedia databases and a look at current research and development in this dynamic field. It is a vital tool for database developers and managers, multimedia researchers, as well as web developers.
Table Of Contents
Introduction. Multimedia Data Types and Formats. Multimedia Database Design Issues. Indexing and Retrieval of Text Documents. Indexing and Retrieval of Audio. Image Indexing and Retrieval. Video Indexing and Retrieval. Integrated Multimedia Indexing and Retrieval. Techniques and Data Structures for Efficient Multimedia Similarity Search. System Support for Distributed Multimedia Databases. Measurement of Multimedia Information Retrieval Effectiveness. Products, Applications, and New Developments.


  • Guojun Lu Guojun Lu is currently senior lecturer at the Gippsland School of Computing and Information Technology at Monash University in Churchill, Australia. Previously, he was a lecturer at Deakin University and a Research Fellow at the National University of Singapore. Lu received a PhD. in Computer Engineering from Loughborough University of Technology in England, and a Bachelor of Engineering degree from Nanjing Institute of Technology in China.