By (author): Marc R. D'alleyrand

Copyright: 1995
Pages: 364
ISBN: 9780890066546

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This book sets out to meet the demand for practical guidance about multi-station document systems implementations. It takes a practical approach as it analyzes the principal hurdles that imaging systems designers have to overcome, considering the strains imaging places on graphic user interfaces, databases, and networks. This book discusses all the trade-off issues raised by the need to retrieve and display large amounts of data in light of limited networking and graphic user interface resources. The book is written for designers of office systems, systems users, system planners and implementers, support personnel, as well as beginners in the field, who need comprehensive treatment of specific applications of the technology. This work also sets out to improve the understanding of imaging technologies that designers trained in conventional data systems must acquire to optimize imaging system performance.
Table Of Contents
Networks and Imaging Systems in the Business Process. Imaging Networks. User Perspective of Document Systems. Considerations for Hardware. Display Selection. Planning an Imaging System - Workflow Redesign. Justifying a Networked Imaging System. Image-LAN Enabling and Integrating LAN-Based Imaging Systems with Existing Mainframe Applications. Imaging Data Structure and Indexing. Database Structure for Document Image Retrieval. Graphical User Interfaces. Image Management Development Software. Tools and Toolkits for Network Imaging and Workflow Systems. Integrated Workgroup Image-Enabled Productivity Software. Combining Microforms and Optical Disks. Deployment.


  • Marc R. D'alleyrand