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Copyright: 1996
Pages: 690
ISBN: 9780890067567

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This comprehensive book makes the important technologies and mathematical concepts behind today's optical communications systems accessible and understandable to practicing and future electrical and communication engineers. Featuring nearly 400 figures and over 900 equations, the book provides the practical engineering details and mathematical tools necessary to analyze and design optical fiber systems. Covering topics ranging from basic OF communication components, to the characteristics, applications, advantages, and limitations of optical amplifiers, coherent systems, solitons, and multi-channel systems, the book is a valuable professional reference and an outstanding text for upper level undergraduate and graduate level electrical engineering students.
Table Of Contents
The Communications Toolbox. Basic Optical Fiber Communications Components. Basic Binary Optical Communication System. Coherent Systems. Optical Amplifiers. Soliton Systems. Multichannel Systems.


  • Sergio Benedetto
  • Leonid Kazovsky
  • Alan Willner