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By (author): Yitzhak Weissman

Copyright: 1992
Pages: 290
ISBN: 9780890065099

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This authoritative reference blends the concepts of optics and microwave theory. Logically organized in two main parts, the first section deals with network analysis, while the second concentrates on signal analysis. As a whole, the text focuses on the fundamental aspects of optical networks. Methodology, rather than analysis, is the focus of the book. Supported by 88 illustrations and 625 equations, the discussion provides the tools you need to perform your own in-depth analysis of optical networks.
Table Of Contents
Introduction. The Jones Vectors for Guided Fields. S-Matrix Characterization of Optical Components. Signal Flow Graphs in Network Analysis. Examples. The Analysis of Networks that are Periodic in Time. Network Analysis of the Fiber-Optic Gyro. The Second Order Statistics of Guided Fields. The Fourth Order Statistics and the Optical Intensity Power Spectrum. The Output Intensity Power Spectrum of Time-Independent Networks. Analytic Methods for the Incoherent Limit. Signal Analysis in Networks that are Periodic in Time. Optical Signal and Noise in a Coherent Laser Radar. Index.


  • Yitzhak Weissman