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By (author): Norio Kashima

Copyright: 1993
Pages: 314
ISBN: 9780890066799

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Here's your complete engineering guide to the emerging technoloiges now being considered for use in tomorrow's fiber subscriber loop systems. The text gives you a detailed rundown on what the technologies are and describes how they work, and then shows how you can apply them to increase system performance, cut design time, and lower costs. This book is augmented by 320 equations, 269 references, 163 figures, and 21 quick-reference tables.
Table Of Contents
Part I - Basic Technology:Introduction to Optical Transmission for Subscriber Loops. Fundamental Optical Devices for Transmission. Digital and Analog Transmission. Optical Receivers. Optical Amplifiers. Part II - System Examples and Optical Devices: Bidirectional Systems Using TCM. Optical Transmission Systems Using Wavelength Division Multiplexing. Optical Transmission Systems Using Coherent Technology. Subcarrier Multiplexing Systems. Future Subscriber Systems. List of Acronyms.


  • Norio Kashima