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Copyright: 1994
Pages: 537
ISBN: 9780890066706

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This book provides engineers with the information necessary to integrate the fields of optics and electronics. Assembling a unique blend of expertise from industry, academia, and government, it shows the applications of this technology, both in future systems and in the evolution of today's radar.
Table Of Contents
System Considerations. Fundamentals. High Speed Semiconductor Laser Sources and Detectors for Microwave Fiber-Optic Applications. Spatial Light Modulators for Optically-Controlled Phased Array Radar Signal Processors. Acousto-Optic Bragg Cell Devices. Optical Waveguide. Optical Integrated Circuits. Optical Beamforming for Phased Array Systems. Spatial Optical Processing. RF Fiber-Optic Links. Switched Fiber-Optic Delay Architectures. Signal Processing Systems. Correlation Systems. Acousto-Optic Processing for Receiver Technologies. Fiber-Optic Delay Line Signal Processing Architectures. Future Opportunities and Directions.


  • Edward N. Toughlian
  • Henry Zmuda