By (author): Michael Hendry

Copyright: 1995
Pages: 203
ISBN: 9780890068014

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This book helps you focus on key areas of network vulnerability; aids you in the selection of the right tools for the job; assists you in designing, developing and managing your network in a more secure way; and guides you when making decisions about commercially available security products.
Table Of Contents
Aspects of Security. Preconditions. Risk Management. Hardware, Software and Networks. Application-specific Risks. Encryption Principles. Keys and Key Management. Hardware Tools. Software Tools. Access Rights Management. Types of Network. Commercial. Banking and Financial. Subscription Services. Other Applications. Summary and Conclusions.


  • Michael Hendry Mike Hendry is a freelance consultant in payment systems and data communications. He is the author of Smart Card Security and Applications (Artech House 1997) and Practical Computer Network Security (Artech House 1995). Mr. Hendry holds an M.B.A. from the International Management Institute, Geneva. and an M.A. in Engineering from the University of Cambridge, UK.