By (author): John W. Horch

Copyright: 2003
Pages: 308
ISBN: 9781580535274

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If you are responsible for designing, implementing, or managing a quality software program, this updated edition of the Practical Guide to Software Quality Management now identifies 10 major components that make up a solid program in line with ISO 9001 quality management precepts. Thoroughly revised and with new chapters on software safety and software risk management, this comprehensive primer provides you with the starting points for a standardized documentation system, and analyzes each individual program component separately, addressing in detail its specific role and overall importance to the system. This is the only volume to offer a broad overview of software quality management for non-experts and experts alike. It is written in clear, easy-to-understand language and contains a complete glossary that demystifies technical terms, abbreviations, and acronyms. Useful appendices contain example and starting point documentation outlines. Moreover, every chapter features an extensive list of authoritative references directing you to the latest technical details on a variety of software quality management issues.
Table Of Contents
Preface. ; Introduction.; Elements of a Quality Software System: A Primer for Managers and Engineers - Definitions. The Elements of a Quality System. Additional Issues. Summary. The Next Step. Additional Reading.; Standards - Areas of Standardization. Sources of Standards. Selection of Standards. Promulgation of Standards. Summary. The Next Step. Additional Reading.; Reviews - Types of Reviews. Review Subjects. Documentation Reviews. Summary. The Next Step. Additional Reading.; Testing - Types of Testing. Test Planning and Conduct. Who Does the Testing. Summary. The Next Step. Additional Reading.; Defect Analysis - Analysis Concepts. Locating Data. Defect Repair and Closure. Selecting Metrics. Collecting Measurements. Quality Tools. Implementing Defect Analysis. Summary. The Next Step. Additional Reading.; Configuration Management - Configuration Management Components. Configuration Identification. Configuration Control. Configuration Accounting. Summary. The Next Step. Additional Reading.; Associated Quality Concerns - Security. Education. Vendor Management. Software Maintenance. The Next Step. Additional Reading.; Software Safety - Safety Issues. Safety Management. Safety Analysis. Safety Requirements. The Next Step. Additional Reading.; Risk Management - Types of Risks. Risk Identification. Assessment. Risk Mitigation. The Next Step. Additional Reading.; Software Documentation - Management Documents. Development Documents. Test Documentation. User Documentation. Training Documentation. Documentation Standards. Summary. The Next Step. Additional Reading.; Quality System Implementation - Planning the Implementation. The Quality Charter. Changing the Organizational Culture. Organizational Considerations. Development Organization Participation. SQS Improvement. Summary. The Next Step. Additional Reading.; Appendices.; Index.;


  • John W. Horch John W. Horch is certified as a Software Quality Analyst, Software Quality Examiner and Software Test Engineer. He presently verifies and validates documentation and software development programs on behalf of government and commercial clients and presents software quality seminars and workshops worldwide. A senior member of the IEEE and the ASQ, Dr. Horch chaired the IEEE Computer Society Software Subcommittee for 7 years. He holds an M.Sc. and a Ph.D. in information systems.