By (author): Jose M. Garrido

Copyright: 1998
Pages: 236
ISBN: 9780890066553

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Intended to help novices and seasoned pros better understand the construction and use of the process interaction approach to discrete-event simulation using object-oriented modeling and programming, this book details both the fundamentals and implementation aspects of simulation modeling using C++. Analysts, software engineers, and programmers faced with the challenge of developing medium to large complex systems will put this book to work in helping them more efficiently design and test systems and alternative concepts. Rich in case studies, the book provides valuable insight into the dynamic behavior of various types of operating systems, computer networks, real-time systems, and other computer-related systems. To assist in conveying critical concepts and to illustrate specific examples, the author includes his recently developed simulation library, Psim , a portable simulation package of C++ classes on diskette. Using the modeling concepts detailed in this unique book, you 'll realize: Greater flexibility in modeling and simulating a variety of systems; Increased efficiency in conducting feasibility tests of systems; Easier modeling of complex problems such as those dealing with concurrency and timing constraints . The book is also an excellent text or supplement for courses in simulation, operating systems, advanced C++ programming, network and data communications, and modeling.
Table Of Contents
Basic Concepts of Modeling and Simulation -Introduction to Modeling and Simulation. Fundamental Concepts of Discrete-Event Simulation. Object-Oriented Modeling. Simulation Models and Object-Oriented Techniques - Simulation with the Process Interaction Approach. Multi-Server Models. Models with Priorities. Resource Synchronization for Process Simulation. Resource Synchronization with Producer/Consumer Mechanism. Process Interaction. Process Preemption. Random Numbers and Analysis of Data - Random Number Generation: An Overview.Introduction to Collection and Analysis of Data. Additional Process Simulation Tools - The High-Level Object Oriented Simulation Language: PsimL.


  • Jose M. Garrido Jose M. Garrido is with Kennesaw State University, Kennesaw, Georgia. He holds a Ph.D. in information technology from the George Mason University's School of Information Technology and Engineering.