By (author): Herbert L. Hirsch

Copyright: 1988
Pages: 302
ISBN: 9780890062371

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Practical Simulation of Radar Antennas and Radomes offers the first comprehensive source on the modeling of radar antennas and radomes. The simulation techniques set forth in this book show you how to reduce design time, PC processing time, and cost without sacrificing accuracy. Emphasizing practical, usable results, the book allows you to build models without delving into the fine points of advanced antenna theory. You'll get real-time processing without having to use a high-speed processor by simply using the provided concise, accurate algorithms and methods for the simulation of radar antennas and radomes.
Table Of Contents
System Simulation. Radar System Component Interaction. Antennas. General Application. Application to Horn and Reflector Antennas. Modeling the Cross-Polarized Gain Pattern. Application to Planar Array Antennas. Application to Monopulse Tracking Systems. Geometric Principles. Transmission Modeling Techniques. Application to Single-Layered Radomes. Application to Multilayered Radomes.


  • Herbert L. Hirsch