Copyright: 2002
Pages: 282
ISBN: 9781580533294

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This is the first comprehensive book to address the design of RF MEMS-based circuits for use in high performance wireless systems. A groundbreaking research and reference tool, the book enables you to: understand the realm of applications of RF MEMS technology; become knowledgeable of the wide variety and performance levels of RF MEMS devices; and partition the architecture of wireless systems to achieve greater levels of performance. This innovative resource also guides you through the design process of RF MEMS-based circuits, and establishes a practical knowledge base for the design of high-yield RF MEMS-based circuits. The book features exercises and detailed case studies on working RF MEMS circuits that help you decide what approaches best fit your design constraints. This unified treatment of RF MEMS-based circuit technology opens up a new world of solutions for meeting the unique challenges of low power/portable wireless products.
Table Of Contents
Preface. Wireless Systems - A Circuits Perspective -Introduction. Spheres of wireless activity - Technical issues. Wireless standards, systems, and architectures. Power and bandwidth-efficient wireless systems - Challenges. MEMS-based wireless appliances enable ubiquitous connectivity. Summary. References.; Elements of RF Circuit Design -Introduction. Physical Aspects of RF Circuit Design: Skin Effect. Microstrip lines on thin substrates. Self-resonance frequency. Quality factor. Moding (Packaging).; Practical Aspects of RF Circuit Design: DC biasing. Impedance mismatch. Exercises. Summary. References.; RF MEMS-Enabled Circuit Elements and Models -Introduction. RF/Microwave substrate properties. Micromachined-Enhanced Elements: Capacitors. Inductors. Varactors. Switches. Resonators. MEMS modeling. Summary. References.; Novel RF MEMS-Enabled Circuits -Introduction. Reconfigurable Circuit Elements. Reconfigurable Circuits. Reconfigurable Antennas. Exercises. Summary. References.; RF MEMS-Based Circuit Design - Case Studies.Introduction. Filters. Phase Shifters. Voltage-Controlled Oscillators (VCOs). Summary. References.; Appendix A - Driving High-Voltage MEMS Devices - Charge Pumps; Appendix B - MEMS in Phase-Locked Loops; Appendix C - GSM: Radio Transmission and Reception Specifications.; Author Biography.; Index.;


  • Hector J. De Los Santos Hector J. De Los Santos is president and chief technical officer of NanoMEMS Research, LLC, located in Irvine, CA. He earned a Ph.D. from the school of electrical engineering, Purdue University. A senior member of the IEEE, Dr. De Los Santos is also the author of RF MEMS Circuit Design for Wireless Communications (Artech House, 2002).