By (author): Artem Saakian

Copyright: 2020
Pages: 500
ISBN: 9781630818449

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This completely updated second edition of an Artech House classic provides a thorough introduction to the basic principles of electromagnetic wave propagation of radio frequencies in real-world conditions, fully updated by including new achievements in theory and technology. It serves as an invaluable daily reference for practitioners in the field and as a complete, organized text on the subject. This comprehensive resource covers a wide range of essential topics, from the classification of radio waves, electromagnetic wave theory, and antennas for RF radio links, to the impact of the earth surface on the propagation of ground waves, atmospheric affects in radio wave propagation, and radio wave reception.


The book explores the propagation of the ground radio waves, namely the waves that propagate in vicinity of the earth's surface (e.g., guided by that interface), without involvement of any atmospheric effects. Specifics of the high-frequency (HF) radio propagation due to reflections from ionospheric layers is studied, based on commonly used models of the ionospheric vertical profiles. Scattering of the radio waves of UHF and higher frequency bands from the random variations of the tropospheric refraction index (from tiny air turbulences) are also considered by using the principles of statistical radio-physics.


Analysis of propagation conditions on real propagation paths, including analysis of the power budget of the VHF/UHF link to assure its stability (percentage of availability within observation time frame), terrestrial, broadcast, mobile, and satellite RF links are presented. The engineering design of the cellular networks, including LTE 4G, 5G and upcoming higher generations is explored. HF propagation predictions for extremely long-range links design for commercial and military applications are explained. Packed with examples and problems, this book provides a theoretical background for astrophysical, aeronomy and geophysical instrumentation design.


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Table Of Contents

Introduction; Basics of Electromagnetic Waves Theory; Basics of Antennas for RF Radio Links; Propagation of the Ground Waves; Atmospheric Effects in Radio Waves Propagation; Radio Waves Reception; Appendices; Index.


  • Artem Saakian Artem Saakian is an antenna engineer in the Antennas and Radar Systems Division of the Naval Air Systems Command in Patuxent River, MD. He holds an M.S. electrical engineering from the University of Telecommunications, St. Petersburg, Russia and a Ph.D. in electrical engineering from the University of Massachusetts, Lowell.