By (author): Larry Loeb

Copyright: 1998
Pages: 326
ISBN: 9780890069929

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Fast becoming the electronic payment method of choice for many major financial companies today, SET (secure electronic transactions) is a unique new protocol that allows credit card information to be safely and securely transmitted over the Internet. Here's a detailed, yet reader-friendly guide to understanding this sophisticated technology, from a plain English review of SET fundamentals, to practical instructions on how to develop and implement the entire SET system. Whether you're an engineer responsible for building a SET protocol for your company, or a financial executive who just needs to understand how SET works, you'll value this comprehensive guide that enables you to...Quickly gain a working knowledge of what electronic commerce is, and the various payment and security systems that have led to online credit card commerce; Become familiar with the cryptographic extensions utilized by the SET system; Unravel the complex technical details behind SET, from purchase initiation, through certificate management, to data transport protocols; Use actual programming examples and computer code to construct and roll out the SET system.
Table Of Contents
Electronic Commerce. Cryptography Basics. SET Payment Processes and Transactions. The SET Payment Cycle. Certificate Management. Internet Data Transport Protocols. The Work of Web in the Age of Electronic Reproduction.


  • Larry Loeb