By (author): Ahmed El Zooghby

Copyright: 2005
Pages: 340
ISBN: 9781596930681

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Whether you are designing for systems based on 2G, 3G, or advanced MIMO technology, you can find the solution you need with this comprehensive reference on applying smart antennas in wireless and mobile communications. The book provides you with a simple yet powerful design methodology that enables you to select the smart antenna approach most suitable for a particular application. Moreover, it offers guidance in designing the appropriate uplink and downlink beamforming algorithms. This practical resource takes a systems approach to smart antenna engineering, detailing how to analyze and evaluate performance of the systems solution you design. It looks at both the uplink and downlink within a system, so you can balance capacity and coverage on both links to improve overall performance. From multiple access techniques and adaptive array systems, to coverage and capacity improvements of wireless networks and smart antenna applications in handsets, the book covers a wide range of critical topics. You also find descriptions of the latest spatial channel models, allowing you to more accurately evaluate system performance.
Table Of Contents
Multiple Access Techniques for 2G and 3G Systems - IS-95 Systems Overview. GSM Systems. Cochannel Interference. Multiple Access Interference. Key Benefits of IS - 2000 versus IS-95. WCDMA Overview. Coverage and Capacity Limitation Issues. ; Radio Propagation Channel Models - Conventional Radio Propagation Models. Fundamental Parameters of Existing Propagation Models. Directional and Spatial Channel Models. COST 259 Model. Diversity.; Fixed Beam Smart Antenna Systems - Conventional Sectorization. Limitations of Increased Sectorization Orders. Drawbacks of Switched Beam Multiple Antennas. Fixed Beam Multiple Antenna Systems. The Butler Matrix.; Adaptive Array Systems - Adaptive Beam Forming. Steered Beam Systems. Adaptive Interference Nulling. ; Smart Antenna Receivers and Algorithms for Radio Base Stations.; Coverage and Capacity Improvements of Wireless Networks.; System Aspects of Smart Antennas.; Smart Antenna Applications in Handsets.; MIMO Systems. ;


  • Ahmed El Zooghby Ahmed El Zooghby is a staff engineer at Qualcomm, Inc., located in San Diego, California. A senior member of the IEEE, he holds an M.S. in electrical engineering from Alexandria University and a Ph.D. in electrical engineering from the University of Central Florida.