By (author): Laura L. Pullum

Copyright: 2001
Pages: 360
ISBN: 9781580531375

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Look to this innovative resource for the most comprehensive coverage of software fault tolerance techniques available in a single volume. It offers you a thorough understanding of the operation of critical software fault tolerance techniques and guides you through their design, operation and performance. You get an in-depth discussion on the advantages and disadvantages of specific techniques, so you can decide which ones are best suited for your work. The book examines key programming techniques such as assertions, checkpointing, and atomic actions, and provides design tips and models to assist in the development of critical fault tolerant software that helps ensure dependable performance. From software reliability, recovery, and redundancy... to design and data diverse software fault tolerance techniques, this practical reference provides detailed insight into techniques that can improve the overall dependability of your software.
Table Of Contents
Introduction - Means to Achieve Dependable Software. Types of Recovery. Types of Redundancy for Software Fault Tolerance. Structuring Redundancy for Software Fault Tolerance - Robust Software. Design Diversity. Data Diversity. Temporal Diversity. Architectural Structure for Diverse Software. Structure for Development of Diverse Software. Summary. Design Methods, Programming Techniques and Issues - Problems and Issues. Programming Techniques. Dependable System Development Model and N-Version Software Paradigm. Design Diverse Software Fault Tolerance Techniques - Recovery Blocks. N-Version Programming. Distributed Recovery Blocks. N -Self-Checking Programming. Consensus Recovery Block. Acceptance Voting. Technique Comparisons. Data Diverse Software Fault Tolerance Techniques - Retry Blocks. N-Copy Programming. Two-Pass Adjudicators. Other Software Fault Tolerance Techniques - N-Version Programming Variants. Resourceful Systems. Data-Driven Dependability Assurance Scheme. Self-Configuring Optimal Programming. Other Techniques. Adjudicating the Results - Voters. Acceptance Tests.


  • Laura L. Pullum Laura L. Pullum has performed research and development in the dependable software areas of software fault tolerance, safety, reliability, and security for over 15 years. Dr. Pullum has written over 100 papers and reports on dependable software and has a patent (as co-inventor) in the area of fault tolerant agents. She holds a B.S. in Mathematics, an M.S. in Operations Research, an M.B.A., and a D.Sc. in Systems Engineering and Operations Research. Dr. Pullum is a member of the IEEE Computer Society Technical Committee on Fault Tolerance Computing, IEEE Reliability and Software societies, Mensa, Women in Technology, and the U.S. Software System Safety Working Group.