By (author): Mohamed Osman

Copyright: 1996
Pages: 368
ISBN: 9780890066423
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This user-friendly, practical guide for C programmers and developers in commercial UNIX-based environments shows how to use the language more effectively by relating its syntax to actual commercial applications. For every chapter topic, it introduces and explains MegaStandard Conventions, the suggested C standards, which focus on programming practices, portability, and ease of maintenance. It explains the fundamentals of ANSI C, discusses error handling and Not To practices, and examines UNIX tools integration, while also providing examples of actual C code fragments. Includes 100 illustrations.
Table Of Contents
Introduction to C Variables and I/O. Arithmetic Using Variables and Functions. Variables and Functions. Conditionals and Loops (Parts I, II and III). Characters, Strings, Pointers (Parts I, II and III). Function Prototyping and Library Building. Miscellaneous Topics & Applications of Pointers. Structures, Unions, and UNIX File I/O. Glossary.


  • Mohamed Osman