By (author): James Williams

Copyright: 2002
Pages: 229
ISBN: 9781580531344

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This unique volume is the first to go beyond the theory of team dynamics and project management to present real world applications. The culmination of years of experience and research, the book describes practical techniques for building successful high performance project teams using actual examples from high tech companies. A concise guide for both new and experienced managers, this valuable resource enables you to: select the right projects for your organization; reduce the time needed for team development and productive operation; learn motivational and retention strategies for technical project personnel; avoid project management pitfalls; and inject quality into current and future projects. The book examines the typical life cycle of team development and the general mechanics of team and project formation in today's project management setting. It scrutinizes both successes and failures in nurturing and developing a team, offering techniques and suggestions on building better teams in the future.
Table Of Contents
Chapter 1Project Management Principles in a High Technology Environment. Definition of a Project. Definition of Project Management. Definition of a Team. Role of the Project Manager. The Project Life Cycle. Project Management Processes. Chapter 2Project Requirements Development. Project Selection. Project Initiation. Requirements Definition Cycle. Pitfalls of Requirements Definition.; Chapter 3Types of Teams. Functional Teams. Self-Directed Teams. Cross-Functional Teams. Hybrids.; Chapter 4Stages of Team Development in the Technology Arena. Birth. Exploration. Discovery. Performance. Completion.; Chapter 5Hugh Tech Project Structures and Associated Project Management Styles. Overview of Project Structures. Overview of Project Management Frameworks. Matching Management Models with Project Structures.; Chapter 6Communication Systems for Teams in a Technical Environment. Formal Systems. Informal Systems. Internal Team Communication. Communication with the Outside World.; Chapter 7Motivation Systems for Technical Teams. Monetary Compensation. Awards and Recognition. Cretive Motivational Methods. Quality of Life. Inspiring Innovation.; Chapter 8Quality for High Tech Project Teams. A brief History of the Quality Movement. Planning for Project Quality. The Cost of Quality. Tools to Measure Quality.; Chapter 9Managing Virtual Technology Teams. Virtual Teams Defined. Specific Challenges of the Virtual Team.; Chapter 10Future Directions for Project Management.; Appendixes;


  • James Williams James Williams received his M.S. degree in project management and is currently a software engineer and consultant. He has 15 years of experience in the telecommunications industry as both a participant and leader of project teams.