By (author)s: Adolf J. Giger, Ferdo Ivanek

Copyright: 1989
Pages: 367
ISBN: 9780890063026

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In Terrestrial Digital Microwave Communications eleven experts from six countries cover a unique, broad range of topics in this dynamic area of microwave communications. This text begins with CCITT/CCIR recommendations on transmission performance and spectrum utilization, and the physical constraints due to propagation impairments. It also includes signal processing methods and their implementation in modems, transmission impairment countermeasures, and microwave radio. Terrestrial Digital Microwave Communications concludes with methods for route design and selection of equipment that satisfy transmission performance and spectral efficiency requirements under adverse propagation conditions and in the presence of interference.
Table Of Contents
Introduction. Transmission Performance Objectives. Frequency Spectrum Utilization. Propagation Impairments. Modulation and Countermeasure Methods. Modem Design. Radio Design. Route Design Methods. Index.


  • Adolf J. Giger
  • Ferdo Ivanek