Copyright: 2003
Pages: 466
ISBN: 9781580534802

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Presenting the state-of-the-art in component-based software testing, this new, cutting-edge resource offers you an in-depth understanding of the current issues, challenges, needs, and solutions in this critical area. The book discusses the very latest advances in component-based testing and quality assurance in an accessible tutorial format, making the material easy to comprehend and benefit from no matter what your professional level. The book clearly explains what component-based software testing is, why it is important, and how it differs from traditional software testing. From an introduction to software components, testing component-based software, and validation methods for software components, to performance testing and measurement, standards and certification, and verification of quality for component-based systems, you get a revealing snapshot of the key developments in this area, including important research findings. This unique volume also serves as an excellent textbook for related courses at the advanced undergraduate or graduate level.
Table Of Contents
Part I:Introduction; Introduction to Software Components - The Evolution of Software Components. Why Is Component Reuse Important? What Is a Software Component? Properties of Software Components in CBSE. Conventional Software Modules vs. Software Components in CBSE Engineering Process for Software Components. Basic Elements of Software Components.; Testing Software Components - Component Testing Background. Component Testing in Component-Based Software Engineering. Issues and Challenges of Component Testing in CBSE. Component Testing Myths and Other Needs. ; Introductions to Component-Based Software -Introduction to Component-Based Software. Component-Based Software vs. Traditional Programs. Component-Based Software Infrastructure Component Model. Engineering Process for Component-Based Software.; Testing Component-Based Software -Introduction. Issues and Challenges of Testing and Maintaining Component-Based Software. Testing Model for Component-Based Software. Testing and Maintenance. Methodologies. Enterprise-Based Test Process for Component-Based Software.; Part II: Validation Methods for Software Components ; Black-Box Testing Methods for Software Components -Introduction. Black-Box Testing Foundations. Black-Box Based Testing Techniques. Discussions.; White-Box Testing Methods for Software Components - Flow Graph Notation. Path Testing. Data Flow Testing. OO Testing. Issues in Testing Software Components.; Test Automation and Tools for Software Components - Software Test Automation. Component-Oriented Test Tools. Component Test Automation in CBSE. Test Automation for Component-Based Software.; Part III: Validation Methods for Component-Based Programs ; Integration Testing for Component-Based Software -Introduction. Traditional Integration‑Testing Methodologies. A Test Model for Integration Testing of Component-Based Software. Black-Box-Based Integration-Testing Approaches. UML-Based Integration‑Testing Approaches.; Regression Testing for Component-Based Software -Introduction. Regression Testing for Corrective-Maintenance Activities. Regression Testing for Perfective and Adaptive Maintenance.; Performance Testing and Measurement - Basics of Software Performance Testing and Measurement. Performance Evaluation Metrics. Performance Evaluation Approaches. Performance Testing and Evaluation Tools and Techniques.; Frameworks for Testing Component-Based Software - BIT Components and Wrappers. A Framework and Distributed Environment for Testing Testable Components. A Framework and Distributed Environment for Monitoring Component Behaviors in Component-Based Software. A Framework and Distributed Environment for Component Performance Measurement. IBM STCL Test Tools Architecture.; Part IV: Quality Assurance for Software Components and Component-Based Software ; Quality Assurance for Software Components - A Modern Methodology for Assuring Quality of Hardware and Main Differences between Hardware and Software Quality Assurance. Software Quality Assurance. Main Issues Involved in QA for Software Components. An Integrated Development and Quality Assurance Process for Software Components. Concluding Remarks.; Quality Assurance for Component-Based Software Systems - Main Issues in Quality Assurance for Component-Based Software Systems. Evaluation of Software Components. Ensuring a Quality Adaptation;


  • Jerry Zeyu Gao Jerry Zeyu Gao is an associate professor of the department of computer engineering at San Jose State University. He has published two other software engineering books, including Testing and Quality Assurance for Component-Based Software (Artech House, 2003), and 55 technical papers in IEEE/ACM journals, magazines, and international conferences. He is the co-chair for the First and Second IEEE International Workshops on Mobile Commerce and Services. He received his M.S. and Ph.D. in computer science from the University of Texas at Arlington.
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