By (author): Ralph R. Young

Copyright: 2003
Pages: 278
ISBN: 9781580532662

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A concise and thorough handbook on requirements analysis, this invaluable book is the perfect desk guide for your systems or software development work. This first-of-its-kind handbook enables you to identify the real customer requirements for your projects and control changes and additions to these requirements. The books helps you understand the importance of requirements, leverage effective requirements practices, and better utilize resources. You also learn how to strengthen interpersonal relationships and communications which are major contributors to project effectiveness. Moreover, this unique reference identifies and describes the roles, desired skills and characteristics of the effective requirements analyst, and includes examples and checklists to help you implement best practices. It goes on to describe what comprises an integrated quality approach on a project or in an organization and explains how to achieve it. The book concludes with a vision for the field of requirements engineering and provides case studies that draw on actual experience.
Table Of Contents
Foreword -Preface. Acknowledgements.; The Importance of Requirements - Why Plan. A Suggested Strategy. Requirements Activities in the System Life Cycle. A Process Approach. The Requirements Plan. Criteria of a Good Requirement. The Requirements Process. Mechanisms, Methods, Techniques, Tools. Integration of Proven Effective Requirements Practices. Save Money by Improving Requirements Practices. Case Study. References.; The Roles of the Requirements Analyst - Case Study. References.; Skills and Characteristics of an Effective Requirements Analyst - A Requirements Analyst's Skills Matrix. A Requirements Analyst's Job Description. Case Study. Summary. References. ; Types of Requirements - Definitions and Descriptions of Requirements Types. Case Study. Summary. References.; Gathering Requirements - Plan the Approach. Recommended Requirements Gathering Approach. Case Study. Summary. References.; Best Practices for Requirements Development and Management - Case Study. Summary. References.; Requirements Analyst's Specialty Skills - Case Study. Summary. References.; An Integrated Quality Approach - Business Drivers for Quality. Managemen's Role. Guiding Principles. Priority Management. The Components of an Integrated Quality Approach. Quality Improvement Techniques. The PDCA Cycle. How to Design a Process. Teamwork. An Example of Quality Improvement Sidetracked. Summary. References.; A Vision for Requirements Engineering - The Vision. How Should We Support Managers. How Should We Support Customers. How Should We Support Developers. Case Study. Summary. References.; Moving Forward - Where to Go From Here. Case Study. Summary. References.; Epilogue - List of Acronyms. Glossary. Credits. Bibliography. Index.;


  • Ralph R. Young Ralph R. Young is director of engineering process improvement at Northrop Grumman Information Technology Defense Enterprise Solutions. He holds a M.A. in economics and a Ph.D. in business administration from the George Washington University.