Copyright: 2000
Pages: 341
ISBN: 9781596931220

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Tomorrow's Transportation: Changing Cities, Economies, and Lives offers a broad, engaging look at current and emergent developments in Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS), and at how improved systems can have a significant impact on lifestyles in the future. It is an excellent guide for transportation department officials and planners, as well as ITS technology professionals working in mobile communications, computer and software engineering, smart sensor technology, and in transportation infrastructures worldwide. Authored by two leading authorities in the field, this new book draws together and reviews the social, economic and environmental issues that are currently driving ITS innovation in vehicular, rail, and air traffic management. Utilizing real-world case studies, it shows you where cutting-edge ITS technology is solving problems right now and how emergent technologies can contribute to further ITS success.


Specifically, the book addresses the Automated Highway System (AHS) and its probable continuing evolution. Considerable attention is given to the subject of congestion alleviation and ITS in traffic management. Transportation's impact on the urban environment is treated, and some possibilities for new kinds of cities are presented. Plus, the book examines intercity transportation issues, both passenger and freight, with a view toward air, rail and surface transport and featuring a case study of the Los Angeles Airport System. Written in a lively, upbeat style, this book is a definitive and insightful resource for your reference shelf. It takes a unique look at how technology impacts society, and how positive ITS changes result in improved quality of life, particularly in urban areas.

Table Of Contents
The Car and Traffic.Introduction The Car That Can Drive Itself. Congestion: The Devil We Know. What Are We Doing About It? A Better Strategy. Some New Kinds of Cars. The City and Transportation. Transportation and the Evolution of the City. The Modern Dilemma - What to Do? A New Kind of Mini-City. The Second-Story City. The Variegated City. Achieving Variegated Transportation for Variegated Cities. Energy and Emissions. Between Cities: Rail and Other Ground Transportation Systems. The Innovation That Changed the World: How Did it Happen? America and the Two-Step Dance. Where Are We Today? Where Would We Like to Go? Serendipity. Beyond Railroading: A New System. A Superspeed Highway. Big and Slow - But Cheap! The Air Transportation System. To Grandmother 's House We Fly. The Los Angeles Airport System - 2020 - 2040 - 2060. The New Millennium. Communication and Transportation. Optimism. ;


  • William L. Garrison William L. Garrison is Professor Emeritus of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of California at Berkeley and Emeritus Research Engineer at the Institute for Transportation Studies at Berkeley. He received his Ph.D. from Northwestern University and has served on committees of the National Science Foundation, the Federal Highway Administration, the Federal Mass Transit Administration, and the National Research Council.
  • Jerry D. Ward Jerry D. Ward is the former director of research and development policy for the United States Department of Transportation and was a senior associate in transportation for the Office of Technology Assessment of the U.S. Congress. He received his B.S. in Physics from CalTech and his M.S. in Business Economics from the University of California at Los Angeles.