By (author): Robin Mannings

Copyright: 2008
Pages: 219
ISBN: 9781596931046

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This groundbreaking resource offers a practical, in-depth understanding of Ubiquitous Positioning - positioning systems that identify the location and position of people, vehicles and objects in time and space in the digitized networked economy. The future and growth of ubiquitous positioning will be fueled by the convergence of many other areas of technology, from mobile telematics, Internet technology, and location systems, to sensing systems, geographic information systems, and the semantic web. This first-of-its-kind volume explores ubiquitous positioning from a convergence perspective, offering a comprehensive road map to this burgeoning field. Using the term Whereness - coined by the author to encapsulate everything about ubiquitous positioning technology and business concerns - this unique book provides an overview of the technical and business aspects of ubiquitous positioning, current and future Whereness applications, details on radio positioning, guidance on sensing position without radio, discussions on maps and mapping, and a taxonomy for positioning.

Table Of Contents
Introduction to the Concepts. Motivation. Intelligent Transportation Services (ITS). Positioning Theory. Ubiquitous Computing. Wirelessness. Maps and Mapping. Ontology for Positioning. Conclusion. Bibliography. Appendix.


  • Robin Mannings Robin Mannings is a chief researcher in the Research and Venturing Department at BT-Laboratories, Ipswich, UK and a Ph.D. candidate in the Computer Department at Lancaster University.