Copyright: 1998
Pages: 528
ISBN: 9780890064580
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The ideal companion to the new IEEE 802.5 Token Ring standards, this book explains the rationale and critical decisions behind the standards' development, to help you fully understand their implementation features and potential. Authored by editors and developers of the standards, you gain a deeper understanding of the new Dedicated Token Ring Standard and the classic Base Token Ring Standard architecture. Starting at the PHY layer, this comprehensive reference describes cabling examples for token ring, the enhancement in point-to-point distance provided by Dedicated Token Ring, and how the standard's consensus process was used to solve the jitter accumulation interoperability issue. The Token Ring architecture and configurations are carefully detailed and used to explain the migration between Classic Token Ring and Dedicated Token Ring. The book presents a history of Token Ring and its unique clocking scheme, PHY theory, and State Tables. It explains how to optimize future developments in token ring networking, the methodology for standards development, physical layer design, network management, fault isolation, and more. Also included are features and options to token ring that have never been fully utilized. Token Ring network administrators, implementers, vendors, users, and product and standards developers will find the information and insights included in this book to be indispensable.
Table Of Contents
Introduction. Physical Configurations of Token Ring. Signaling Parameters for Token Ring. Classic Token Ring. Dedicated Token Ring. Conclusions.


  • James T. Carlo James T. Carlo currently serves as the Chair of the IEEE 802 LAN/MAN Committee and is a former Chair of the IEEE 802.5 Token Ring Working Group. He is also a TI Fellow at Texas Instruments.
  • Robert D. Love Robert D. Love is the current Chair of the IEEE 802.5 Token Ring Working Group and is a Senior Engineer at IBM.
  • Michael Siegel Michael Siegel is a Senior Engineer at IBM.
  • Kenneth T. Wilson Kenneth T. Wilson is a Senior Programmer at IBM.