By (author): Pradeep Henry

Copyright: 1998
Pages: 254
ISBN: 9780890069462

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When writing computer user documentation, focusing on the needs of your audience is critical. This book provides you with a surefire approach to generating clear, effective documentation that's tailored to the information requirements of the end-user. Written for technical writers and their managers, quality assurance experts, and software engineers, the book describes a user centered information design method (UCID) that helps you ensure your computer documentation is packed with significant, meaningful information for the user - not unnecessary repetition or inconsistencies. Specifically, the UCID approach shows you how to... Integrate the four major information components of a software system from the user's viewpoint: user interface labels, system messages, online documentation, and printed documentation; Make sure these individual elements are working together to improve software usability; Make better decisions on which information to provide, based on user needs and project-specific requirements; Deploy iterative design and prototyping procedures that minimize design flaws and save you valuable time and money; Get more out of each of your technical writer's individual skills, and guide them in effectively designing interface labels and system messages.
Table Of Contents
Role of Technical Communications in Software Usability. Determining Users' Information Needs. Understanding the Information Media. Understanding Project-Specific Requirements. Defining the Information Architecture - An Example. Product Terminology - Speaking the Users' Language. Informing, Warning, and Indicating Error. Online Tutoring. Providing Online Help. Online Information - Integration and Subprocess. Providing Tutorial and Guidance Information. Providing Reference Information. Printed Information - Integration and Subprocess. Clear Writing Techniques. Quick Retrieval Techniques. Graphic Design Techniques for Readability. Quality Management. Testing. Inspections. Editing. Process. Project Management.


  • Pradeep Henry