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A Practical Guide to EMC Engineering

A Practical Guide to EMC Engineering

By (author): Levent Sevgi
Copyright: 2017
Pages: 324
ISBN: 9781630814007

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This practical new resource explores the fundamentals of EMC engineering and examines the concepts and underpinnings of electromagnetics. This book highlights the procedures from design to market for both technical and non-technical issues, including market control, accreditation, calibration, EMC tests and measurement, and EMC protection. Basic electrical engineering theories, Maxwell equations, EM scattering, diffraction and propagation in the electromagnetic model are presented. The circuit model, including lumped parameter circuit elements, two-port circuit definitions, grounding, common and differential model currents, and microstripline circuits are explored.


This book also covers antennas and antenna calibration, including communication antennas, normalized site attenuation (NSA), loop antennas, and loop antenna calibration (LAC). Noise and frequency analysis on fundamental electromagnetic signals, noise, and transforms is explained. Readers find insight into EMC test and measurement environments and devices. Time-saving MATLAB code is included in this resource to help engineers with their projects in the field.

Accreditations; Electromagnetic Model; Circuit Model; Antennas and Antenna Calibration; Noise and Frequency Analysis; EMC Test and Measurement Environments; EMC Test and Measurement Devices; EMC Tests and Measurements; EMC Protection
  • Levent Sevgi Levent Sevgi is currently affiliated with the electrical and electronics engineering department of engineering and architecture at Okan University. He received his Ph.D. from the Weber Research institute at New York Polytechnic University York.


Review by: Antonio Orlandi, University of L'Aquila - March 1, 2017

This A Practical Guide to EMC Engineering is a MUST in the shelf of an EMC operator. The Author -an expert in this field - was able to conjugate along all the chapters rigorous theoretical explanations and formulas along with practical examples taken from the real EMC world. The systematic view of the main EMC topic helps a lot the comprehension of the subject and the associated MATLAB scripts are a true help for the preliminary back-on-the-envelope calculations.

Review by: Christos Christopoulos, University of Nottingham, UK - March 1, 2017

The book is a useful compendium of information covering all aspects of EMC with particular emphasis on practical issues of analysis, design and testing. It will be of value to technical as well as non-technical readers who wish to gain an appreciation of the main aspects of EMC as they affect their business.

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