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Analytical Modeling in Applied Electromagnetics

Analytical Modeling in Applied Electromagnetics

By (author): Sergei Tretyakov
Copyright: 2003
Pages: 284
ISBN: 9781580533676

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Analytical Modeling in Applied Electromagnets encompasses the most complete treatment on the subject published to date, focusing on the nature of models in radio engineering. This leading-edge resource brings you detailed coverage of the latest topics, including metamaterials, photonic bandgaps and artificial impedance surfaces, and applies these concepts to a wide range of applications. The book provides you with working examples that are mainly directed to antenna applications, but the modeling methods and results can be used for other practical devices as well. You get an in-depth discussion of the basic building blocks of every radio system. The analysis includes classical and well-studied topics such as highly conducting surfaces and layers of various materials, as well as the more novel or alternative structures being applied today. Packed with over 750 equations, this authoritative reference is ideal for both practicing electrical engineers and serious graduate students in related courses.
Introduction.; Thin Layers and Sheets - Second-Order Impedance Boundary Conditions for Thin Material Layers. Exact Boundary Conditions. Vector Circuit Interpretation. Layers Between Arbitrary Media. Thin Sheets of Dielectrics, Magnetics, and Metals. References.; Interfaces with Highly Conducting Materials - Higher Order Impedance Models for Interfaces with Conductors. Applications to Numerical Techniques: Absorbing Boundary Conditions. Models of Thin Layers. Higher-Order Impedance Boundary Conditions for Layers on Metal Surfaces. References.; Periodical Structures, Arrays, and Meshes - Floquet Modes. Averaged Boundary Conditions for a Simple Structure: Array of Wires. Reflection and Transmission Properties of Wire Grids. Wire Grids: Generalizations. Dense Arrays of Particles. Double Arrays of Scatterers. References.; Composite Materials - Constituents of Composites and Metamaterials: Thin-wire Inclusions. Maxwell Garnett Model. Transmission Lines with Periodical Insertions, Pass and Stop Bands. One-Dimensional Electromagnetic Crystals. Wire Media. Modeling of Three-Dimensional Electromagnetic Crystals. References.; Applications in Metamaterials and Artificial Impedance Surfaces - Metamaterials with Engineered and Active Inclusions. Artificial Impedance Surfaces. Materials with Negative Permittivity and Permeablity. References.; Author Index. Subject Index.;
  • Sergei Tretyakov Sergei Tretyakov is a professor of radio engineering at Helsinki University of Technology, Finland . He received his PhD and Doctor of Science (Habilitation) diploma from St. Petersburg State Technical University and Docent and Full Professor Diploma from the Ministry of Education, Russian Federation.
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