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Battery Management Systems, Volume 1: Battery Modeling

Battery Management Systems, Volume 1: Battery Modeling

By (author): Gregory L. Plett
Copyright: 2015
Pages: 336
ISBN: 9781630810238

Hardback $149.00 Qty:
Large-scale battery packs are needed in hybrid and electric vehicles, utilities grid backup and storage, and frequency-regulation applications. In order to maximize battery-pack safety, longevity, and performance, it is important to understand how battery cells work. This first of its kind new resource focuses on developing a mathematical understanding of how electrochemical (battery) cells work, both internally and externally. This comprehensive resource derives physics-based micro-scale model equations, then continuum-scale model equations, and finally reduced-order model equations. This book describes the commonly used equivalent-circuit type battery model and develops equations for superior physics-based models of lithium-ion cells at different length scales. This resource also presents a breakthrough technology called the discrete-time realization algorithm├╣ that automatically converts physics-based models into high-fidelity approximate reduced-order models.
Battery Boot Camp; Equivalent-Circuit Models; Microscale Cell Models; Continuum-Scale Cell Models; State-Space Models and the Discrete-Time Realization Algorithm; Reduced-Order Models; Thermal Modeling.
  • Gregory L. Plett is a professor of electrical and computer engineering at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs. He received his B.Eng. in computer systems engineering from Carleton University in Ottawa, Ontario and his M.S. and Ph.D. in electrical engineering from Stanford University in Stanford, CA.
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