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Biometrics in Identity Management:

Biometrics in Identity Management: Concepts to Applications

By (author): Shimon Modi
Copyright: 2011
Pages: 250
ISBN: 9781608070183

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In today's digital infrastructure we have to interact with an increasing number of systems, both in the physical and virtual world. Identity management (IdM) - the process of identifying an individual and controlling access to resources based on their associated privileges - is becoming progressively complex. This has brought the spotlight on the importance of effective and efficient means of ascertaining an individual's identity. Biometric technologies like fingerprint recognition, face recognition, iris recognition etc. have a long history of use in law enforcement applications and are now transitioning towards commercial applications like password replacements, ATM authentication and others. This unique book provides you with comprehensive coverage of commercially available biometric technologies, their underlying principles, operational challenges and benefits, and deployment considerations. It also offers a look at the future direction these technologies are taking. By focusing on factors that drive the practical implementation of biometric technologies, this book serves to bridge the gap between academic researchers and industry practitioners. This book focuses on design, development, and deployment issues related to biometric technologies, including operational challenges, integration strategies, technical evaluations of biometric systems, standardization and privacy preserving principles, and several open questions which need to be answered for successful deployments.
Introduction - Basics of Biometrics. Types of Biometric Technologies. Biometric System. Biometric System Processes. Biometric System Architecture. Applications of Biometric Technologies. Classification of Biometric Applications. Summary.; Fundamentals of Technical Evaluations - System Process Transactions. Types of Errors. Performance Metrics. Type I and Type II Errors. Performance Curves. User-Specific Performance: Zoo Analysis. Evaluation Methodologies. Design of Evaluation. Reporting Biometric Evaluations. Summary.; Fingerprint Recognition - Fingerprint Anatomy. History. Fingerprint Presentation and Acquisition. Fingerprint Feature Extraction. Fingerprint Compression. Fingerprint Feature Matching. Classification and Indexing. Synthetic Fingerprint Generation. Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS). Standards. Evaluations. Applications and Trends. Design and Deployment Considerations. Summary.; Face Recognition - History. 2-D Face Recognition. 3-D Face Recognition. Standards. Evaluations. Applications and Trends. Design and Deployment Considerations. Summary.; Iris Recognition - Anatomy of Iris. History. Iris Image Acquisition. Feature Extraction. Iris Feature Matching. Standards. Iris Capture at a Distance. Evaluations. Applications and Trends. Design and Deployment Considerations. Summary.; Hand Geometry Recognition - History. Image Acquisition. Feature Extraction. Feature Matching. Performance Evaluations. Standards. Applications and Trends. Design and Deployment Considerations. Summary.; Speaker Recognition - Generating Voice. History. Speaker Recognition Systems. Information Levels. Feature Extraction. Feature Matching. Standards. Evaluations. Applications and Trends. Design and Deployment Considerations. Summary.; Vascular Pattern Recognition - History. Vein Pattern Acquisition. Feature Extraction. Feature Matching. Facial Vascular Patterns. Commercially Available Technologies. Standards. Performance Evaluations. Applications and Trends. Design and Deployment Considerations. Summary.; Dynamic Signature Verification - History. Types of Signature Verification Systems. Data Acquisition. Feature Representation. Feature Matching. Standards. Evaluations. Trends and Applications. Design and Deployment Considerations. Summary.; Keystroke Dynamics, Retina, DNA, and Gait Recognition - Keystroke Dynamics. Retina Recognition. DNA Recognition. Gait Recognition. Summary.; Multibiometric Systems - The Need for Multibiometric Systems. Multibiometric System Design. Data Acquisition. Levels of Fusion. Standards. Evaluations. Trends and Applications. Design and Deployment Considerations. Summary. ; Biometric Standards - The Importance of Standards. Standards Development Organizations (SDO). Working Groups. Standards Used in Law Enforcement. Adoption of Standards. Summary.; Biometric Testing and Evaluation Programs - Biometric Testing: Why Is It Required?. Biometric Data Considerations. Unimodal Performance Evaluations and Research Databases. Multibiometric Evaluations and Research Databases. Comparative Tests. Liveness Detection Evaluations. Summary.; Desiging and Deploying Biometric Systems - Implementation Plan. Application Scope. Technology Selection. User-System Interaction. Operational Processes. Privacy Principles. Architecture. Application Development. Policy Development. Design Validation. Disaster Recovery Plan. Maintenance. Summary.; Biometric System Security - System Security Analysis. Spoofing and Mimicry Attacks. Standards. Synthetic Biometric Samples. Summary. ; Privacy Concerns in Biometric Applications - Privacy Invasive Technologies (PIT). Privacy-Enhancing Technologies (PET). Privacy Frameworks. Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA). Standards. Privacy-Enhancing Design Principles. Future Challenges. Summary.; Acronyms. Glossary. About the Author. Index.;
  • Shimon Modi Shimon Modi, Ph.D., is a biometrics technology specialist with over 8 years of experience in applied research and standards development. Dr. Modi has served as a visiting biometric scientist with the Center for Development for Advanced Computing (C-DAC), an R&D agency for the Government of India, where he helped establish the National Biometric Lab. Dr. Modi was also the director of research of the Biometric Standards, Performance and Assurance Laboratory at Purdue University, where he also taught a graduate level course on applied biometrics. Dr. Modi's interests reside in application of biometrics to e-authentication, statistical analysis of system performance, and enterprise level information security.
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