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Bluetooth Security

Bluetooth Security

Copyright: 2004
Pages: 222
ISBN: 9781580535045

Hardback $98.00 Qty:
This first-of-its-kind book, from expert authors actively contributing to the evolution of Bluetooth specifications, provides an overview and detailed descriptions of all the security functions and features of this standard's latest core release. After categorizing all the security issues involved in ad hoc networking, this hands-on volume shows you how to design a highly secure Bluetooth system and implement security enhancements. The book also helps you fully understand the main security risks involved with introducing Bluetooth-based communications in your organization.This cutting-edge resource examines all known attacks on Bluetooth security mechanisms and their implementations, demonstrating how some of these known weaknesses can be avoided with appropriate defensive measures. The book presents concrete examples of how to design security solutions for some Bluetooth applications and products built on these applications. You find real-world case studies including technical algorithms, mechanisms and protocols, and security architectures. These architectures offer valuable guidelines for use in building Bluetooth and non-Bluetooth-specific security mechanisms.
Preface; Part I: Bluetooth Security Basics ; Introduction - Background. Bluetooth Basics. Security Basics.; Overview of Bluetooth Security Architecture - Purpose. Architecture. Security Modes.; Key Management - Pairing According to 1.1. Key Types. Usage., Link Protection , Key Data Bases.; Algorithms -Introduction to Crypto Algorithms. SAFER+. Bluetooth Encryption E0.; Broadcast Encryption - Overview. Key Size Negotiation. Switching to Broadcast Encryption.; Security Policies and Access Control - Security Manager Architecture.; Attacks, Weaknesses and Strengths - Eavesdropping. Impersonation. Man in the Middle Attacks. Key Storage. Unit Key. Location Tracking.; Part II: Bluetooth Security Enhancements; Introducing Anonymity - Overview, Inquiry and Paging. Modes.; Key Management Extensions - Improved Pairing. Higher Layer Key Exchange. Personal CA.; Security for Bluetooth Applications - Profiles.;
  • Christian Gehrmann Christian Gehrmann is senior specialist, security architectures and protocols for Ericsson Mobile Platforms AB. He was the Chairman of the Bluetooth SIG Security Expert Group during 2001 and 2002. Dr. Gehrmann holds a Ph.D. in information theory and an M.Sc. in electronic engineering from Lund University.
  • Joakim Persson Joakim Persson is a technical manager of New Technology at the research department of Ericsson Mobile Platforms AB. He has been playing an active role in the Bluetooth SIG Radio Working Group for many years. Dr. Persson holds a Ph.D. in information theory and an M.Sc. in computer engineering from Lund University.
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