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Bogatin’s Practical Guide to Transmission Line Design and Characterization for Signal Integrity Applications Bookset

Bogatin’s Practical Guide to Transmission Line Design and Characterization for Signal Integrity Applications Bookset

By (author): Eric Bogatin
Pages: 603
ISBN: 9781630818517

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PLEASE NOTE: This product includes both a Print and eBook version of this title. 


This multimedia book establishes a solid foundation in the essential principles of how signals interact with transmission lines, how the physical design of interconnects affects transmission line properties, and how to interpret single-ended and differential time domain reflection (TDR) measurements to extract important figures of merits and avoid common mistakes. This book presents an intuitive understanding of transmission lines.

Instructional videos are provided in every chapter that cover important aspects of the interconnect design and characterization process. This video eBook helps establish foundations for designing and characterizing the electrical properties of interconnects to explain in a simplified way how signals propagate and interact with interconnects and how the physical design of transmission structures will impact performance.


Never be intimidated by impedance or differential pairs again.

View sample video:

What are transmission lines and why should we care; Single-ended lossless and differential lossy transmission lines; Calculating characteristic impedance; Reflections when the instantaneous impedance changes; The TDR; Practical TDR Measurements; Exploring geometry and impedance: 1st order effects; Second order factors; Dielectric Materials and Dk; Practical design issues; The capacitance and inductance in a transmission line; Input impedance of a transmission line; Simple point to point transmission line circuits; What every scope user needs to know about transmission lines; Terminating transmission line circuits; Appendixes.
  • Eric Bogatin

    is currently a Signal Integrity Evangelist with Teledyne LeCroy and the Dean of the Teledyne LeCroy Signal Integrity Academy, at Additionally, he is an Adjunct Professor at the University of Colorado - Boulder in the ECEE dept, and technical editor of the Signal Integrity Journal. He received his Ph.D. in physics from the University of Arizona. He has written six technical books in the field and presented classes and lectures on signal integrity world wide.

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