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Coherent and Nonlinear Lightwave Communications

Coherent and Nonlinear Lightwave Communications

By (author): Milorad Cvijetic
Copyright: 1996
Pages: 315
ISBN: 9780890065907

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This comprehensive guide presents a systematic, up-to-date review of modulation and detection principles, and provides new insights into recent research in modern telecommunications. Topics covered include bit-error rate calculations for ASK, FSK, PSK and DPSK, noise characteristics of semiconductor lasers, and characteristics of optical amplifiers. Includes 57 figures and over 700 equations.
Evaluation of Coherent Optical Receiver Sensitivity. Optical Transmitters for Coherent Lightwave Systems. Optical Receivers for Coherent Lightwave Systems. Coherent Lightwave Systems. Nonlinear Effects in Optical Fibers. Soliton Transmission in Optical Fiber. Optical Amplifiers for Coherent and Nonlinear Systems. Nonlinear Lightwave Systems.
  • Milorad Cvijetic Milorad Cvijetic is a professor in the College of Optical Sciences at the University of Arizona. For more than thirty years, he has been directly involved in state-of-the-art R&D in several of worldís leading telecommunication laboratories. Dr. Cvijetic has published numerous technical papers, authored three books, and has been the author/coauthor of twelve US patents, all related to optical communications and networking.
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