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Control Components Using Si, GaAs and GaN Technologies

Control Components Using Si, GaAs and GaN Technologies

By (author): Inder J. Bahl
Copyright: 2014
Pages: 324
ISBN: 9781608077120

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Control circuits are important parts of RF and microwave systems. Their compact size, high performance, and low cost have played a vital role in the development of cost effective solutions and new applications during the past quarter century. This book provides a comprehensive treatment of such circuits, including device operation and their models, basic circuit theory and designs, and applications. The unique features of this book include in-depth and comprehensive study of control circuits, extensive design equations and figures, treatment of practical aspect of circuits and description of fabrication technologies. It provides you with a broad view of solid state control circuits including various technologies and their comparison and up to date information.
Preface; Introduction - History of Control Components. Types of Control Components. Solid-State Switching Devices. Design of Control Components. Fabrication of Control Components. Applications. Book Organization. References. ; Control Devices - PIN Diodes. Operation of PIN Diodes. PIN Diode Models. GaAs MESFETs. Operation of MESFETs. Linear Switch FET Models. Nonlinear Switch FET Models. GaAs HEMTs. GaAs HBTs. GaN HEMTs. CMOS Transistors. Operation of CMOS Switch. Various Body Floating Techniques. CMOS Transistor Models. Other Devices. Schottky Diodes. Varactor Diodes. Transistor Model Scaling. Biasing of Switching Devices. Biasing of PIN Diodes. Biasing of Transistors. Switching Speed. Switching Speed of PIN Diodes. Switching Speed of Transistors. Comparison of Switching Devices. References. ; Switches - Introduction. Switch Parameters. Devices for Switches. Basic Requirements of a Switch for Wireless Applications. Design of Switches. Types of Switches. Switch Configurations. Basic Theory of Switches. Multiport Switches. Multithrow Switches. Matrix Switches. Diversity Switch. High Isolation Switches. Broadband Switches. High-Power Switches. Impedance Transformation Technique. Stacked FETs Method. Resonant Circuit Technique. GaN HEMT Switches. Power Handling of PIN Diode Switches. Low Distortion Switches. Performance of Switch Circuits. PIN Diode Switch Circuits. MESFET Switch Circuits. HEMT Switch Circuits. CMOS Switch Circuits. Comparison of Switch Technologies. Novel Switch Configurations. Filter-Integrated Switch. Redundant Switch. Switched Variable Power Amplifier. Switches with Integrated Control. Intermodulation Analysis of Switches. PIN Diode Switches. MESFET Switches. References.; Phase Shifters - Types of Phase Shifters. Digital Phase Shifters. Analog Phase Shifters. Active Phase Shifters. Theory of Phase Shifters. Reflection-Type Phase Shifter. Switched-Line Phase Shifter. Loaded-Line Phase Shifters. Switched-Network Phase Shifters. Embedded-Device Phase Shifters. Multibit Phase Shifter Circuits. RMS Errors. PIN Diode Phase Shifters. MESFET/HEMT Phase Shifters. CMOS Phase Shifters. Analog Phase Shifters. Voltage-Controlled Reflection-Type Phase Shifters. Voltage-Controlled Transmission-Type Phase Shifters. Analog Varactor Diode Phase Shifters. Analog CMOS Phase Shifters. Broadband Phase Shifters. GaAs MESFET/HEMT Broadband Phase Shifters. Broadband CMOS Phase Shifters. Ultrawideband Phase Shifters. Millimeter-Wave Phase Shifters. PIN/Schottky Diode Millimeter-Wave Phase Shifters. MESFET/HEMT Millimeter-Wave Phase Shifters. CMOS Millimeter-Wave Phase Shifters. Active Phase Shifters. Dual-Gate FET Phase Shifters. Switchable-Amplifier Phase Shifters. Vector Modulator Phase Shifters. References.; Attenuators -Introduction. Types of Attenuators. Theory of Attenuators. Fabrication of Attenuators. Fixed Value Attenuators. Attenuator Pad. Temperature Variable Attenuator. Multibit Attenuators. PIN Diode Step Attenuators. GaAs MMIC Step Attenuators. Si CMOS Step Attenuators. Variable Voltage Attenuators. PIN Diode Variable Attenuators. MESFET Variable Attenuators. CMOS Variable Attenuator. GaN HEMT Attenuator. Linear Voltage Variable Attenuators. Other Attenuator Circuits. Reflection-Type Attenuators. Balanced Attenuators. Frequency Dependent Attenuators. Phase Compensated Attenuators. CMOS Attenuator with Integrated Switch. Distortion in Attenuators. PIN Diode Attenuators. FET Attenuators. References.; Limiters - Introduction. Limiter Characterization. Limiter Types. PIN Diode Limiters. Analysis of PIN Diode Limiter. Si PIN Diode Limiters in Microstrip Configuration. GaAs PIN Diode Limiters. Matched Limiters. Schottky Diode Limiters. Analysis of Schottky Diode Limiter. Schottky Diode Design and Limiter Configuration. Broadband High Power Limiters. Monolithic GaAs Schottky Diode Limiter Circuits. Limiting Amplifiers. 10-W Limiter with Embedded LNA . Other Diode Limiters. BiCMOS Diode Limiter. GaN Schottky Diode Limiters. References. ; Appendix A: Physical Constants and Frequency Band Designations; Appendix B: Thermal Design of Devices - Thermal Basics. Transistor Thermal Design. Cooke Model for Single-Gate Devices. Cook Model for Multiple-Gate Devices. Pulsed Operation. Component Assembly Thermal Design Considerations. References. ; About the Author. Index ;
  • Inder J. Bahl

    received his Ph.D. degree in electrical engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, India, in 1975. Dr. Bahl has more than 40 years of experience working in the microwave field. Dr. Bahl researched and managed products including microwave and millimeter-wave integrated circuits, printed antennas, phased array antennas, millimeter wave antennas, and medical and industrial applications of microwaves. He joined the ITT Gallium Arsenide Technology Center in 1981 and launched numerous microwave and millimeter wave GaAs IC products for commercial and military applications. At Cobham (formerly ITT GTC/Tyco Electronics), he continued working on GaAs ICs as a Distinguished Fellow of Technology until he retired in 2010. Through his research publications and books, he is well recognized worldwide in the microwave field. Dr. Bahl is the author or co-author of more than 160 research papers. He authored or co-authored 15 books and holds 17 patents. He is an IEEE Life Fellow and a member of the Electromagnetic Academy.

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