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Electromagnetic Compatibility

Electromagnetic Compatibility

By (author): Ernest Freeman
Copyright: 1982
Pages: 279
ISBN: 9780890061145

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A critical consideration throughout the life cycle of ground support equipment (GSE) is its ability to operate in an environment that is becoming increasingly cluttered with interference. Electromagnetic Compatibility Design Guide supplies the information necessary to evaluate, analyze, and resolve potential electromagnetic interference (EMI) problems. Written for the U.S. Navy Laboratory, the Guide looks closely at the environments in which avionics-oriented GSE must operate. However, it is appropriate for civilian use as well. The methods described in the Guide have been successfully applied to daily operations, making it a practical handbook as well as a theoretical reference.
Introduction. Sources and Coupling of EM Energy. GSE Design Considerations. Control and Test Planning. Shielding. Bonding. Grounding. Filtering. Testing Requirements and Techniques. Specifications and Standards. Tables and Monographs.
  • Ernest Freeman
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