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Energy IoT Architecture: From Theory to Practice

Energy IoT Architecture: From Theory to Practice

By (author): Stuart McCafferty
Copyright: 2022
Pages: 240
ISBN: 9781630819699

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Energy IoT Reference Architecture will help propel the energy industry to a truly scalable digital world. This book discusses a new way to architect solutions for the Electricity Industry using a modern, event-driven, standards-based distributed architecture to simplify and abstract communications with utility, customer, and third-party owned clean energy assets. With descriptions of the architectural and technological problems of the 20th Century centralized model, the book provides a pragmatic alternative architecture with examples of how to seamlessly integrate large numbers of Distributed Energy Resources (DER) with centralized systems that take advantage of intelligent edge devices through coordination instead of direct command and control. The book references DOE’s Laminar Grid Architecture philosophy and the IEEE 2030.5 Protocol and shows how the Energy IoT Reference Architecture is aligned to solve today’s biggest Electricity Industry problems. This is a must-have resource for architects, engineers, software developers, government officials, undergraduate students, and professors.

Get Your Head in the Cloud, Architectural Challenges to the Energy Transformation, Technical and Regulatory Barriers to the Energy Transformation, EnergyIoT Reference Architecture Big Picture, Energy Operational Technology Domain – Evolving Towards a Neural Grid, Energy Business Systems (Software as a Service) Domain, Digital Energy Platform Services Domain - The Green Cloud, Mapping the IEEE 2030.5 Protocol to the EnergyIoT Reference Architecture, Developing EnergyIoT Rapid Solution Architectures, PNNL’s Grid Architecture, The Path to Decarbonization Requires Integrated DER, The Road Forward, Relevant Communication Protocols and Standards

  • Stuart McCafferty

    is the lead architect in Siemens Smart Infrastructure Chief Technology Office (CTO) responsible for the Energy as a Service (EaaS) Platform. He is also a Cleanie Award-winning thought leader for his numerous articles on climate change and the electric power industry's opportunity to solve it using modern technologies, IoT architectures, clean energy systems, energy markets, and practical approaches. He has a BS degree from the United States Air Force Academy (USAFA).

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