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Engineering Wireless-Based Software Systems and Applications

Engineering Wireless-Based Software Systems and Applications

Copyright: 2006
Pages: 440
ISBN: 9781580538206

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This comprehensive resource gives you a thorough understanding of the software engineering processes and methods you need to tackle the complexities of building software for wireless systems. It covers system architecture, mobile client design, and development principles, as well as analysis and testing techniques. The book gives you clear guidelines that enable you to confront design trade-offs so you can meet user and system requirements. You get in-depth tutorials on mobile technologies, mobile supporting platforms, wireless networking, wireless security, and wireless multimedia. The book offers you a solid understanding of networking theories and concepts, helping you master the technical intricacies of 2 - 4G cellular networks, wireless LANs, and wireless personal area networks. You find an in-depth examination of security issues and solutions that are critical to building reliable and safe software. The book explores different types of mobile commerce and wireless application systems, and shows you how to build various wireless-based application systems, such as wireless information, wireless advertising and marketing, and wireless payment systems.
Part I:Introduction Engineering Wireless-Based Software SystemsIntroduction. Moving into the Wireless World. Understanding of Wireless-Based Application Systems. Engineering Wireless-Based Application Systems. Summary. ; Part II: Mobile Technologies ; Mobile Devices and Operating SystemsAn Overview of Mobiles Devices. Mobile Operating Systems. Mobile Application Platforms. Mobile Information Management. Summary. ; WAP Protocols and TechnologyIntroduction to WAP. Overview of WAP Architecture and Protocols. WAP Application Environment (WAE). WAP and Messaging Services. The Future of WAP - OMA. Summary. ; Technologies for Mobile Client SoftwareXML-Based Technologies. Mobile Web Client. Java Mobile Client. i-Mode. Summary. ; Wireless Multimedia TechnologiesMultimedia Streaming. Mobile Multimedia Streaming Architecture. Wireless Network Technologies. Codec. Conclusion. ; Part III: Wireless Networks ; Wireless LAN NetworksWireless LAN Protocols. Wireless LAN Standards. Wireless LAN Infrastructures. Current Issues and Challenges. Future for Wireless LAN Networks. Summary. ; Wireless Wide Area NetworksWireless WAN Overview. Cellular Mobile Networks - up to 2.5G. Cellular Mobile Networks - 3G and Beyond. Summary. ; Wireless Personal Area NetworksWireless PAN Overview. Bluetooth. Other WPAN Technologies. Device Coordination (Wireless Access Protocol). Summary. ; Part IV: Engineering Wireless-Based Software Application Systems ; Analysis and Design for Wireless-Based Software Systems - Revisit of Software Development Processes. Understanding the Wireless Application Domain. Engineering System Requirements. System Analysis and Modeling. Summary. ; System Architectures and Enterprise Solutions for Wireless ApplicationsRevisit of System Architecture Basics. Classifications of Mobile Application Architectures. Vendor-Based Mobile Application Architectures. Service-Oriented System Architectures. Sensor-Based Mobile Application Architecture. Summary. ; Wireless Security:IntroductionSecret Key Cryptography. Public Key Cryptography. Wireless Security Attacks. Summary. ; Wireless Security SolutionsSecurity Threats and Solutions for Wireless LAN. Security Threats and Solutions for Wireless PAN. Security Threats and Solutions for Cellular Networks. Summary. ; Design of Mobile Client SoftwareDeveloping Mobile Client Software on Mobile Devices. Classification of Mobile Clients and Architecture Styles. Design for Mobile Client Server Software. Mobile Client Design Issues and Solutions. Application Examples of Mobile Client Software Design. Summary. ; Part V: Mobile Commerce and Application Systems ; Introduction to Mobile Commerce Systems??Individualized Applications and Service Based Mobile Commerce Model. Service-Based Commerce Model. Location-Based Commerce Model. Wireless Service Client. Wireless Service. Personalization Engine. Database. Security Manager. Log Manager. Transaction Manager. Decision Rules Generator. Workflow Engine. Service Based M-Commerce Application Scenario. Conclusion. ; Multimedia Messaging ServiceMultimedia Messaging Service. Multimedia Presentation in MMS. MMS Client. MMS Content Delivery. Client State Diagram. MSS Server. Server State Diagram. Case Study: Nokia. Case Study: Alcatel and Intel. Comparison. Conclusion. ; Wireless Advertising and Marketing SystemsUnderstanding Wireless Advertising and Marketing. Engineering Wireless Advertising Solutions. Major Players and Their Solutions. Summary. ; Mobile Payment ServicesDifferent Types of Wireless-Based Payment Systems. Major Players in Wireless Payment;
  • Jerry Zeyu Gao Jerry Zeyu Gao is an associate professor of the department of computer engineering at San Jose State University. He has published two other software engineering books, including Testing and Quality Assurance for Component-Based Software (Artech House, 2003), and 55 technical papers in IEEE/ACM journals, magazines, and international conferences. He is the co-chair for the First and Second IEEE International Workshops on Mobile Commerce and Services. He received his M.S. and Ph.D. in computer science from the University of Texas at Arlington.
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