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Feedforward Linear Power Amplifiers

Feedforward Linear Power Amplifiers

By (author): Nick Pothecary
Copyright: 1999
Pages: 207
ISBN: 9781580530224
Coming Soon: Available 08/23/2010

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Coinciding with the evolution of new standards for mobile communication systems and wireless multimedia services, this timely new work provides a thorough introduction and analysis of linear feedforward power amplifiers. The book guides you through the feedforward design process, starting with the initial system specifications and continuing with a detailed look at the practical implementation of feedforward. The linearity and bandwidth demands on power amplifiers are explained in relation to the use of spectrally efficient linear modulation schemes and wide operating bandwidths for high data rate applications such as multimedia and Internet. This highly practical book includes numerous examples, and analyzes the advantages and disadvantages of different implementations, radio standards and system configurations. Future design trends are discussed and a review of alternative linearization techniques is also included. This is a must have reference for practicing design and system engineers and technicians, and is an excellent introduction to the area for non-specialists and graduate students.
Radio SystemIntroduction. Linearity and Signal Description. Power Amplifier Operation. System Design. Linearization Techniques. Feedforward Analysis. Feedforward Components. Index.
  • Nick Pothecary
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