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Handbook of Neural Networks for Speech Processing

Handbook of Neural Networks for Speech Processing

By (author): Shigeru Katagiri
Copyright: 2000
Pages: 541
ISBN: 9780890069547

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Here are the comprehensive details on cutting edge technologies employing neural networks for speech recognition and speech processing in modern communications. Going far beyond the simple speech recognition technologies on the market today, this new book, written by and for speech and signal processing engineers in industry, R&D, and academia, takes you to the forefront of the hottest emergent neural net-based speech processing techniques.
Introduction. Speech Signal and Its Production Model. Speech Recognition. Speech Coding. Discriminative Prototype-Based Methods for Speech Recognition. Recurrent Neural Networks for Speech Recognition. Time Delay Neural Nets and NN/HMM Hybrids - A Family of Connectionist Continuous Speech Recognition Systems. Probability-Oriented Neural Networks and Hybrid Connectionist/Stochastic Networks. Minimum Classification Error Networks. Networks for Speaker Recognition. Neural Networks for Voice Conversion. Neural Networks for Speech Coding. Networks for Speech Enhancement.
  • Shigeru Katagiri
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