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Highly Coherent Semiconductor Lasers

Highly Coherent Semiconductor Lasers

By (author): Motoichi Ohtsu
Copyright: 1991
Pages: 352
ISBN: 9780890064627

Artech House is pleased to offer you this title in a special In-Print-Forever® ( IPF® ) hardbound edition. This book is not available from inventory but can be printed at your request and delivered within 2-4 weeks of receipt of order. Please note that because IPF® books are printed on demand, returns cannot be accepted.

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This book shows you the principles of operation, device structure, noise properties, and a wide range of possible application systems of semiconductor lasers, and describes methods for improving theory coherence. You'll also find coverage of the latest topics in quantum optics, atomic physics, and photonic systems. This text is supported by 300 equations and 169 illustrations.
Introduction. Structure and Oscillation Mechanisms. Optical Frequency Discriminators, Detections, and Modulations. FM Noise Reduction and Improvement of Frequency Accuracy. Optical Phase Locking and Frequency Sweep. Applications of Highly Coherenct Semiconductor Lasers. Toward the Future. Conclusion. Appendixes.
  • Motoichi Ohtsu
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