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Highly Integrated Microfluidics Design

Highly Integrated Microfluidics Design

By (author): Dan E. Angelescu
Copyright: 2011
Pages: 268
ISBN: 9781596939806

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The recent development of microfluidics has lead to the concept of lab-on-a-chip, where several functional blocks are combined into a single device that can perform complex manipulations and characterizations on the microscopic fluid sample. However, integration of multiple functionalities on a single device can be complicated. This a cutting-edge resource focuses on the crucial aspects of integration in microfluidic systems. It serves as a one-stop guide to designing microfluidic systems that are highly integrated and scalable. This practical book covers a wide range of critical topics, from fabrication techniques and simulation tools, to actuation and sensing functional blocks and their inter-compatibility. This unique reference outlines the benefits and drawbacks of different approaches to microfluidic integration and provides a number of clear examples of highly integrated microfluidic systems.
Microfabrication Techniques -Introduction. Manufacturing Processes. Technology Selection Criteria. Conclusions.; Microfluidic Building Blocks -Introduction. Functional Approach. Single-Phase Fluid Manipulation. Droplet-Based Fluid Manipulation. Detection and Measurement Techniques. Conclusions.; Microscale Physics -Introduction. Diffusion Laws. Fluid Dynamics. Surface Tension and Wetting. Electrical Phenomena in Microfluidics. Conclusions.; Microfluidic Design -Introduction. Technology. System Design and Optimization. Conclusions.; Integrated Microfluidic Systems -Introduction. Remarks About the Microfluidics Market. Selected Commercial Technology Examples. Conclusions.; About the Author. Index.;
  • Dan E. Angelescu Dan E. Angelescu is a professor in the Electronics Systems Department at Universite Paris Est (ESIEE Paris). Prior to this academic engagement, he held the position of senior research scientist at Schlumberger Research, where he developed integrated microsystems for sensing in extreme environments. He earned his Ph.D. in physics at Princeton University and is the author of several technical papers, book chapters, and conference proceedings in the fields of microfluidics and condensed matter physics.
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