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Information Warfare and Organizational Decision-Making

Information Warfare and Organizational Decision-Making

By (author): Alexander Kott
Copyright: 2006
Pages: 300
ISBN: 9781596930803

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Unconventional warfare is now conventional, and information warfare is a key to the new warfare. You can respond to these unprecedented challenges by creating original organizational structures able to adapt to ever-changing strategies and tactics. This authoritative book gives you practical solutions for organizing and executing organizational warfare, gathering intelligence, deploying antiterrorism measures, and securing information. The book presents a range of computational methods that help you more effectively analyze, identify, and exploit vulnerabilities in the structure and decision-making processes of unknown or poorly understood enemy organizations. You learn how to mitigate attacks on organizational decision-making, and predict the impact of attacks on robustness, quality, and timeliness of your organization, as well as the enemy's. Moreover, this valuable resource shows you how to manage, in real-time, the processes of the attacking enemy or defending friendly organizations. By integrating artificial intelligence, game theory, control theory, management science, organizational science, and cognitive modeling, this book lets you rethink the relations between organization, warfare and information.
Know Thy EnemyAcquisition, Representation, and Management of Knowledge About the Adversary Organization. ; Learning from the EnemyApproaches to Identifying and Modeling the Hidden Adversary Organization.; Loose LipsDeriving Organizational Structure from Communications.; Means and WaysPractical Approaches to Impacting Adversary Decisions-Making Processes.; Breakdown of ControlCommon Malfunctions of Organizational Decision-Making.; Propagation of DefeatInducing and Mitigating a Self-Reinforcing Degradation.; Gossip MattersDestabilization of an Organization by Injecting Suspicion.; Crystal BallQuantitatively Estimating Impacts of Probes and Interventions on an Adversary Organization. ; Organizational ArmorDesign of Attack-resistant Organizations.;
  • Alexander Kott Alexander Kott initiated and managed some of the most important research and development efforts focusing on computational approaches to adversarial reasoning. His affiliation with DARPA's large-scale research programs includes serving as the architect of the Joint Force Air Component Commander program and managing the Advanced ISR and the Mixed Initiative Control of Automa-teams programs. He has published more than 60 technical papers and edited and co-authored several books. He earned a Ph.D. from the University of Pittsburgh, where he researched applications of artificial intelligence to engineering design.
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