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Integrated Interconnect Technologies for 3D Nanoelectronic Systems

Integrated Interconnect Technologies for 3D Nanoelectronic Systems

Copyright: 2008
Pages: 550
ISBN: 9781596932470

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Make way for solutions to the challenges in chip reliability, power delivery, I/O signaling, and heat removal now blocking the way to ultimate performance 3D gigascale SoC. This cutting-edge book on off-chip technologies puts the hottest breakthroughs in high-density compliant electrical interconnects, nanophotonics, and microfluidics at your fingertips, integrating the full range of mathematics, physics, and technology issues together in a single comprehensive source. You get full details on state-of-the-art I/O interconnects and packaging, including mechanically compliant I/O approaches, fabrication, and assembly, followed by the latest advances and applications in power delivery design, analysis, and modeling. The book explores interconnect structures, materials, and packages for achieving high-bandwidth off-chip electrical communication, including optical interconnects and chip-to-chip signaling approaches, and brings you up to speed on CMOS integrated optical devices, 3D integration, wafer stacking technology, and through-wafer interconnects. The volume spells out the latest heat removal technologies including chip-scale microchannel cooling, integrated micropumps and fluidic channels, and various types of carbon nanotube interconnects, along with coverage of wafer-level testing and probe substrates that features probe modules for testing GSI chips. Supported by 100 illustrations and featuring up-to-date physical models and experimental research in all I/O interconnect technologies essential to 3D GSI/TSI realization, this groundbreaking book offers practical guidance to help you achieve next-generation system-on-a-chip performance.
Introduction: The Interconnect Problem. Die-Package Interaction and Impact on Low-k ILD. Mechanically Compliant I/O Interconnects and Packaging. Power Delivery Design and Analysis. Challenges for Off-chip Signaling & Communication. Optical Interconnects and Various Approaches for Chip-to-Chip Signaling. CMOS Integrated Optical Devices. 3D Integration and Wafer Stacking Technology. Through-Wafer Interconnects. Limits of Current Heat Removal Technology & Opportunities. Chip-Scale Microchannel Cooling Planar and Vertical. Integrated Micropumps and Fluidic Channels. CNT Thermal Properties & Applications for Heat Removal. Wafer-Level Testing and Probe Substrates. The Convergence of Semiconductor Technology and the Life Sciences.; To view complete TOC:; Click Google Preview button under book title above, then click on Contents tab.;
  • Muhannad S. Bakir Muhannad S. Bakir is a research engineer at the Microelectronics Research Center and adjunct professor in the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Georgia Institute of Technology. He has published more than 50 refereed and invited publications in conference proceedings and journals. Dr. Bakir received the Ph.D. in electrical and computer engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology.
  • James D. Meindl James D. Meindl is the director of the Joseph M. Pettit Microelectronics Research Center and is the founding director of the Nanotechnology Research Center at Georgia Institute of Technology, where he is also the Joseph M. Pettit Chair Professor of Microsystems. Prior to his tenure at Georgia Tech, he served as senior vice president for academic affairs and provost of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Dr. Meindl received his Ph.D. in electrical engineering at Carnegie Institute of Technology (Carnegie-Mellon University) and is a Fellow of IEEE and the American Association for the Advancement of Science.
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