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Introduction to Information-Based High-Tech Services

Introduction to Information-Based High-Tech Services

By (author): Eric Viardot
Copyright: 1999
Pages: 198
ISBN: 9780890066478

Hardback $33.00 Qty:
Whether your company is a high technology manufacturer, consulting firm, or information provider, the key to differentiating your company from your competitors may have more to do with the quality and delivery of services than most any other factor. This new book provides new insights into the evolving role of service in high technology companies and shows managers how marketing performance can be improved dramatically by designing services that are in line with customer needs and expectations. Introduction to Information-Based High-Tech Services provides you with an in-depth analysis of the three critical success factors for high technology service businesses and examines effective marketing strategies for both consumer and corporate markets. Using this insightful book, you 'll discover how to...Understand the needs of high technology customers; Attract new clients and build customer loyalty; Design and monitor first-quality services; Organize and manage human resources for peak service performance; Develop effective competitive, pricing and distribution strategies.
Understanding the Nature of High Tech Services (HTS) - What is a Service? The Essence of HTS- Moving from the Physical World to the Virtual One. The Economics of High Tech Services. Placing Customers at the Center of High Technology Services - The Customer Relationship Life Cycle. Identifying and Understanding Customers. Creating Customer Loyalty.
  • Eric Viardot Eric Viardot is a professor at Ceram, a European school of management located in southern France. A graduate of the HEC Business School and the Institute of Political Sciences, Dr.Viardot holds a Ph.D. in management. He is also the author of Introduction to Information-Based High-Tech Services (Artech House, 1999).
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