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Introduction to Microelectromechanical Microwave Systems, Second Edition

Introduction to Microelectromechanical Microwave Systems, Second Edition

Copyright: 2004
Pages: 277
ISBN: 9781580538718

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Microelectromechanical microwave systems are the product of integrated circuit technology, mechanical engineering, materials science, and microwave communications. This completely updated, second edition of an Artech House bestseller brings together all the principles, techniques, methods, and theories from these different fields to provide you with a full, all-encompassing introduction to microelectromechanical microwave systems. The second edition covers the latest in fabrication technologies, actuation mechanisms, packaging, switching, resonator design, and microwave and wireless applications. It explains how RF MEMS can reduce overall systems size, weight, and cost and how to determine which applications can benefit most from RF MEMS technology. This practical book steers you past the drawbacks and towards the benefits of integrating RF/microwave MEMS into communications equipment. It also enables you to create devices and techniques that can improve the performance of communications circuits and systems.
Microelectromechanical Systems - MEMS Origins. MEMS Impetus/Motivation. MEMS Fabrication Technologies. Exercises. Summary. References. ; Fundamental MEMS Device Physics-Actuation. Mechanical Vibrations. Computer-Aided Design of MEMS. Exercises. Summary. References.; Fundamental MEMS Devices: The MEMS Switch -Introduction. The Cantilever Beam MEM Switch. MEM Switch Design Consideration. Summary. References.; Fundamental MEMS Devices: The MEM ResonatorëëIntroduction. The Cantilever Beam MEM Resonator. MEM Resonator Design Considerations. Exercises. Summary. References.; Microwave MEMS Applications -Introduction. MEM Switches. Micromachining-Enhanced Planar Microwave Passive Elements. Summary. References.; MEMS-Based Microwave Circuits and Systems -Introduction. Wireless Communications Systems. MEMS-Based RF and Microwave Circuits. Summary. References.;
  • Hector J. De Los Santos Hector J. De Los Santos is president and chief technical officer of NanoMEMS Research, LLC, located in Irvine, CA. He earned a Ph.D. from the school of electrical engineering, Purdue University. A senior member of the IEEE, Dr. De Los Santos is also the author of RF MEMS Circuit Design for Wireless Communications (Artech House, 2002).
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