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Introduction to Power Utility Communications

Introduction to Power Utility Communications

By (author): Harvey Lehpamer
Copyright: 2016
ISBN: 9781630810078

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This timely new book is a cutting edge resource for engineers involved in the electric utility industry. This one-of-a-kind resource explores the planning, design, and deployment of communications networks, including fiber, microwave, RF, and Ethernet in electric utility spaces as related to Smart Grid. Readers are presented with an introduction to power utility communications, providing a thorough overview of data transmission media, electrical grid, and power grid modernization. Communication fundamentals and fiber-optic radio system design are also covered. Network performance and reliability considerations are discussed including channel protection, system latency, and cyber and grid security. Clear examples and calculations are presented to demonstrate reliability and availability measures for fiber-optic systems.
Introduction to Communication Systems; Communications Fundamentals; Introduction to Fiber–Optic System Design; Introduction to Radio System Design; Utility Communications Network Performance and Reliability Considerations; Regulatory and Safety Challenges; Installation, Testing and Commissioning.
  • Harvey Lehpamer Harvey Lehpamer works as senior project engineer at POWER Engineers, Inc. in San Diego, California. He received his Ph. D. in electrical engineering and his M.S. in radio communications and professional electronics from the University of Zagreb, in Croatia. He has over 30 years of experience in the planning, design, and deployment of wireless and wireline networks including microwave, fiber-optic, and other communication systems and has worked for a number of well-know telecom and wireless, manufacturing, and power utility organizations around the world. He currently teaches 'Microwave Transmission Engineering', at University of California - Extension, in San Diego, and 'Utility Communications' at Gonzaga University, WA.
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