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Location-Based Services in Cellular Networks: from GSM to 5G NR

Location-Based Services in Cellular Networks: from GSM to 5G NR

Copyright: 2020
ISBN: 9781630816346
Coming Soon: Available 08/31/2020
List Price: $149.00

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The comprehensive guide to positioning technologies in the cellular networks includes an explanation of the positioning fundamentals and a summary of the use cases. The book also focuses on the different positioning technologies used in cellular networks, divided in satellite positioning, terrestrial radio positioning, non-RF positioning and a brief introduction to sensor fusion and Bayesian theory. Explanation of different signaling parameters will enable the reader to understand better how positioning works in a cellular network.

Contents: Introduction to Positioning; Positioning Fundamentals; Motivation for Accurate Positioning; Location Based Services in LTE; The evolution of LBS for 5G; Satellite Positioning: A-GNSS; High Accuracy GNSS; Terrestrial Radio Positioning: Cellular Network; Terrestrial radio positioning: Non-Cellular Networks; MIMO Positioning; Other Positioning Technologies; Deployment and Implementation Considerations; Positioning in Cellular Networks; Positioning in LTE (E-UTRA Rel-9 to Rel-12); LPP-Advanced (E-UTRA Rel-13 to Rel-15); OMA LPP enhancements; Positioning in 5G.

  • Adrián Cardalda García
  • Stefan Maier
  • Abhay Phillips
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