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Location-Based Services in Cellular Networks: from GSM to 5G NR

Location-Based Services in Cellular Networks: from GSM to 5G NR

Copyright: 2020
Pages: 496
ISBN: 9781630816346

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This exciting new book delivers a comprehensive overview of the cellular network architecture, with focus on the positioning applications and emergency call services, and covers aspects brought by 5G, including the core virtualization and the network slicing to optimize cellular network deployments. Focus is given to the different positioning technologies used in cellular networks, divided in satellite positioning, terrestrial radio positioning, non-RF positioning and a brief introduction to sensor fusion and Bayesian theory. It provides an overview of all the positioning technologies used in cellular networks, from GSM to 5G, from RAT independent technologies, such as A-GNSS (including GNSS evolution, RTK and PPP), WiFi, Bluetooth and sensor fusion, to cellular network native technologies, such as OTDOA / DL-TDOA, ECID, multi-cell RTT and the Angle Of Arrival (AOA) based techniques that take advantage of 5G mmWave beamforming features.


Different positioning protocols, especially the LTE Positioning Protocol (LPP), which is used for LTE and 5G NR and defines the communication between the user device (mobile phone, connected vehicle, etc.) and the base station are explained extensively, and compares it with other competing protocols such as OMA LPPE. Furthermore, it also explains the core network positioning protocols (LPPa, NRPPa), that describe the communication between the location server and the core network.


Explanation of different signaling parameters will enable the reader to understand better how positioning works in a cellular network. The contents of this book are aimed at all types of users, from beginners to the concept of positioning to experts that are looking to enhance their knowledge of positioning in cellular networks.

Introduction to Positioning in Cellular Networks; Positioning Fundamentals; Regulatory positioning requirements; Commercial Location-Based Services in LTE; The Evolution of LBS for 5G; Assisted GNSS; High-Precision GNSS in 5G; Terrestrial Positioning Technologies: Cellular Networks; Terrestrial Positioning Technologies: Noncellular Networks; 5G Positioning Technologies; Comparison of the Positioning Technologies; Other Positioning Technologies: Sensors; Positioning Protocols in Cellular Networks; Positioning Protocol in LTE; Positioning Protocol in 5G; Positioning in a Virtualized Network.
  • Adrián Cardalda García

    is a 3GPP representative and R&D engineer at Rohde & Schwarz. He received his MS in information technology and communication from the Universidad de Oviedo.

  • Stefan Maier

    is a technical lead and SW Architect at Rohde & Schwarz. He received his Dipl. Ing. in electrical and communications engineering at Technische Universität München.

  • Abhay Phillips

    is a director of R&D Location Based Services Systems at Rohde & Schwarz. He received his MS in telecommunications and software engineering from the Illinois Institute of Technology.

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