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Microwave & Millimeter-Wave Electronic Packaging

Microwave & Millimeter-Wave Electronic Packaging

By (author): Rick Sturdivant
Copyright: 2013
Pages: 280
ISBN: 9781608076970

Hardback $115.00 Qty:

Packaging of electronic components at microwave and millimeter-wave frequencies requires the same level of engineering effort for lower frequency electronics plus a set of additional activities which are unique due to the higher frequency of operation. This resource presents you with the electronic packaging issues unique to microwave and millimeter-wave frequencies and reviews lower frequency packaging techniques so they can be adapted to higher frequency designs. You are provided with 30 practical examples throughout the book, as well as three free downloadable software analysis programs.

Introduction - Distributed Effects. Thermal Effects. First-Level Interconnects. Second-Level Interconnects. Modules. Conclusions. ; Materials - Electrical Parameters and Their Measurement. Mechanical Parameters. ; Ceramic Packaging - History of Ceramics. Thin-Film Ceramics. Advanced Thin-Film Techniques. Thick-Film Ceramics. Thermally Enhanced Thick-Film Processes. High-Temperature Cofired Ceramic (HTCC). Low-Temperature Cofired Ceramic (LTCC). ; Laminate Packaging - Laminate Board Fabrication. Cost of Laminates. Laminate Circuit Board Tolerances. High-Performance Laminate Materials. Liquid Crystal Polymer. Laminate Multichip Modules. Conclusions. ; First-Level Interconnects - Wire Bond Interconnects. Ribbon Bonding. Flip Chip Interconnects. ; Second-Level Interconnects - Electrical Modeling of Surface-Mount Packages. Inductance and Capacitance Matrix Method for Package Model Extraction. Coupled-π Model Method. Hybrid Circuit Model. ; Modules and Motherboards - Proper Transmission Line Design. Vias for Isolation and Grounding. Cavity Resonances. ; Transitions and 3D Packaging - Transitions Between Transmission Lines. Three-Dimensional Packaging. Conclusions. ; Heat Transfer - Heat Transfer Mechanisms. Amplifier Efficiency and Dissipated Thermal Power. Reliability and Arrhenius Equation. Device Junction Temperature. Junction Temperature with Multiple Material Layers. Thermal Simulations Using Spice. Thermal Simulation Using the Finite Difference Method. Conclusions. ; Electromagnetic Modeling - Quasistatic Simulation of Transmission Lines. Method of Moments. Finite Element Method. Finite Difference Time Domain Method. Mode Matching Technique. Integrated Methods. Domain Decomposition Methods. ; Conclusions and Future Horizons - The 10 Keys to Successful Packaging. Future for Packaging at Microwave Frequencies. Drive for Lower Cost Packaging at Millimeter-Wave.

  • Rick Sturdivant

    has 29 years of experience developing phased array systems and components for military and commercial applications. He has authored over 50 articles and conference papers and holds seven issued U.S. patents. He is founder and Chief Technology Officer of Microwave Packaging Technology, Inc which provides products and services for radar and communication systems. Dr. Sturdivant is also an assistant professor at Azusa Pacific University in Azusa, CA where he teaches various courses in engineering.

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