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Mobile Antenna Systems Handbook, Third Edition

Mobile Antenna Systems Handbook, Third Edition

By (author)s: Kyohei Fujimoto, J. R. James
Copyright: 2008
Pages: 710
ISBN: 9781596931275

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This extensively revised and expanded edition of the Artech bestseller Mobile Antenna Systems Handbook puts the very latest technologies, design and analysis procedures, and applications at your command. It features all-new chapters on smart antennas, MIMO systems, and antennas for recently deployed mobile systems such as RFID, UWB, and terrestrial digital TV broadcasting, and provides a wealth of problem-solving guidance for tackling everything from propagation obstacles to SAR safety issues. Like the previous editions, this ultimate one-stop reference is designed to save you a mountain of work. You get hands-on expertise for every type of mobile antenna base station and terminal system, including its theory of operation, application strengths and weaknesses, performance characteristics, design procedures, analysis techniques, and optimization methods, complete with examples and worked-out calculations at every step. The material is further clarified with 567 diagrams, charts, and photos, bringing mobile antenna selection, design, and construction into clear focus. What's more, this resource includes a detailed glossary of antennas and their applications to help you zero in on the right antenna for any job with a flip of the page. From integrating MIMO antennas into handsets, to expanding system capacities with smart antennas, this information-packed resource helps you evaluate design and configuration options, locate crucial data and calculations, perform key analyses, and solve challenges standing in the way of your desired results. It serves as an indispensable reference, helping you design more powerful, versatile, and compact wireless mobile antenna systems.
Techniques in Mobile Antenna Systems DesignCommunication Systems and Propagation Fundamentals. Mobile Communication Systems. Fundamentals in Land Mobile Propagation. Propagation MethodsMobile Propagation Prediction Models. ; Cellular Antenna SystemsAntennas for Base Stations. Basic Techniques for Base Station Antennas. Design and Practice. Adaptive Antenna System. Antennas for Mobile Terminals. Basic Techniques for Mobile Terminal Antennas. Internal Multi-Band Antennas. Latest Antenna Design and Practice. ; Safety and Human AspectsSafety. SAR Computations. ; TransportationDigital TV Antennas on Vehicles. Antennas for Bullet Train. Antennas for ITS. ; Mobile Satellite CommunicationsAntennas for Mobile Satcom. ; Related Specialized SystemsAntennas for UWB. Antennas for RFID. MIMO Systems. Smart Antennas. ; Glossary of the Various Antenna Types and Applications.;
  • Kyohei Fujimoto

    is a professor emeritus at the University of Tsukuba, Japan, and consulting professor at Northwestern Polytechnic University, China. He is also a research scientist at the Foundation for Advancement of International Science in Tsukuba. Dr. Fujimoto is author or co-author of several other books and an extensive list of book chapters, journal articles, and conference papers published over his 40-plus years in the field. A Life Fellow of IEEE, he is a former chair of the IEEE Tokyo Chapter and chair of its International Advisory Committee. He holds a B.Eng. and a Dr.Eng. in electrical engineering from the Tokyo Institute of Technology.

  • J. R. James J. R. James was a pioneer and world-renowned expert in his field of mobile communications. Most recently he served as a consulting engineer and professor emeritus at Cranfield University, United Kingdom, where he created and served as director of the Wolfson RF Engineering Center. Professor James authored or co-authored more than 190 publications in the field of communications, and was editor of a series of international research monographs on antennas and electromagnetics. Dr. James was a former president of the Institution of Electronic and Radio Engineers and chairman of the Institution of Electrical Engineers Electronics Division. He earned his Ph.D. and D.Sc. from London University and was a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering.
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