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Mobile-to-Mobile Wireless Channels

Mobile-to-Mobile Wireless Channels

By (author): Alenka Zajic
Copyright: 2012
Pages: 312
ISBN: 9781608074969

Present-day mobile communications systems can be classified as fixed-to-mobile because they allow mobility on only one end (e.g. the mobile phone to a fixed mobile operator's cell tower). In answer to the consumer demand for better coverage and quality of service, emerging mobile-to-mobile (M-to-M) communications systems allow mobile users or vehicles to directly communicate with each other. This practical book provides a detailed introduction to state-of-the-art M-to-M wireless propagation. Moreover, the book offers professionals guidance for rapid implementation of these communications systems. It offers engineers and students a thorough understanding of signal propagation and channel models for vehicle-to-vehicle, air-to-ground, and underwater vehicle-to-underwater vehicle communications. This authoritative resource is packed with over 1000 equations and more than 100 illustrations. DVD Included! Contains time-saving MATLAB code for the models discussed in the book, providing valuable tools that engineers can use for their projects in the field.
Introduction - Mobile-to-Mobile Communication Systems. The Wireless Channel. Overview of Remaining Chapters. ; Fixed-To-Mobile Cellular Radio Channels - Propagation Principles. Propagation Modeling. Statistical Characterization of Multipath Propagation in F-to-M Cellular Radio Channels. Simulators for Fixed-to-Mobile Cellular Radio Channels. Small-Scale Channel Measurement Techniques. Summary. ; Vehicle-to-Vehicle Radio Channels - V-to-V Propagation Modeling. Impact of Antenna Coupling on MIMO V-to-V Channels. Simulators for Vehicle-to-Vehicle Radio Channels. Vehicle-to-Vehicle Measurement Campaigns and Modeling. Summary. ; Air-To-Ground Radio Channels - A-to-G Propagation Modeling. Statistical Characterization of Multipath Propagation in A-to-G Radio Channels. Simulators for Air-to-Ground Radio Channels. Summary. ; Underwater Vehicle-to-Underwater Vehicle Acoustic Channels - Underwater Propagation Principles. UV-to-UV Acoustic Propagation Modeling. Statistical Characterization of Multipath Propagation in UV-to-UV Acoustic Channels. Simulators for UV-to-UV Acoustic Channels. Underwater Acoustic Channel Measurement Campaigns and Modeling. Summary.;
  • Alenka Zajic Alenka Zajic is an assistant professor in the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology, where she received her Ph.D. She is an IEEE member and a reviewer of numerous IEEE publications.
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